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Changing for the better!! <3

19 Jul

When I went to my last obgyn appointment, I was diagnosed with PCOS. Basically, my ovaries don’t work like they should. After a lot of research on it, I found out that weight issues were very common with this diagnosis and I used it as a crutch and making excuses for myself. I have stayed at my weight since the new year. I couldn’t lose weight, but I wasn’t gaining weight either so I was okay or so I kept telling myself.

The end of June/beginning of July for about 3 weeks, I was sick with a nasty virus- I was resting as much as I could an I lost my voice – I was just plain miserable. The worst part is, I gained 5 pounds. I wanted to just sit and cry and those who follow my blog know that I’ve always struggled with weight issues.

Being overweight has affected so much of me that I didn’t know: my marriage, work, friends etc. I felt guilty gaining weight after I got married, I never wanted to go anywhere nice because my clothes didn’t fit and I was in denial so I didn’t buy anything new :/

I would sit down and think that I didn’t want to do Christmas stuff this year because pictures are always horrible, or goto my 5 year reunion next year because I didn’t want to face people and have to feel like everyone was staring at me. I just had a super negative attitude towards life.

Enter Advocare:


It’s seriously changing my life in ways I didn’t know it could! I’m on day 11 of the 24 day challenge, and I have so much more energy and I’m overall a happier person!

I’ve lost 7 lbs and 9.5 inches so far and I’m doing it the healthy way! I’m changing my outlook on everything- it’s not a diet but a new way of life! I’m eating healthier and exercising!

I have energy to do all my wifey chores and to go out with friends!

The best part about Advocare? I have an amazing support system! I’ve made new life long friends and I love how there are coaches that coach you through everything and who help you stay motivated!

I know I have a lot more to lose, but I’m excited for this journey and to learn exactly how much I’ve been missing out on!

I have about 45 more pounds that I would like to lose, but when I do lose that, I’ll be smaller than I was freshman year of highschool! Say whaaaaa?!?! Even so though, I’d still weigh more than Ryan seeing as how he weighs 120 -_-


I actually had motivation to spend time  with my hubs and puppy last night! Woop woop! Super adorable!! <3



Sooo onto a new subject! haha

My best friends wedding took place at the end of June! I was sick and couldn’t talk on her wedding day, but she was BEAUTIFUL!






It was just an amazing weekend! Since the wedding was in Dallas and Katie, my neighbor, was also a bridesmaid, we rode together and were able to talk alot! It was super nice and the best part is, we got to talk about Joey. For those that don’t know, that’s her brother who passed away last year. Even though we didn’t hang out much as we got older, he was still one of my oldest friends. I cried and laughed and was able to just…miss and remember him.

The bachelorette party was a success! Katie wasn’t old enough and I had a session, so we didn’t goto Billybobs with everyone else, but we did goto the sleepover! It was super fun and I made new friends and Steph got lots of gifts ;) haha






2013-06-27 23.06.17









Lots of lingerie…haha!








We had a super fun time!

Saturday was the wedding! We showed up at 9 for breakfast, yoga and worship music! It was a great way to start the day!

2013-06-29 10.07.35

Then we took 4 hours for everyone to get ready!! HAHAHAHAHA

2013-06-29 14.11.18 2013-06-29 14.39.33 2013-06-29 13.20.48 2013-06-29 13.20.30 2013-06-29 11.29.36

So for the actual wedding, like I said, I was sick as a dog. Coughing up a storm and the spotlights were a killer and then the added bonus of 5 inch stilettos on a step! haha I made it though! I had cough drops in my hand but when I went to reach for them…THEY DROPPED on the floor! I tried to cough inconspicuously haha

When we were walking back down the aisle, my shoe came off pretty much! I had like one toe in! SO I clutched onto Mark (my escort) who was hilarious by the way, and told him what happened and he was like “I’ll walk slower” ! haha What a doll!

Then Mercury, my escort for the bridal party entrance into the reception hall was an absolute hoot! We were talking about how they paired us up since that wasn’t how they paired us up for the actual ceremony and I noticed how they put the asian and the black guy together so he was making fun of that and I seriously could not stop cracking up laughing which makes it even funnier when you don’t have a voice! It was a long awkward walk so at the end when we split our separate ways, he was like “let’s get our swag on”. Goodness, maybe you had to be there but it was funny at the time! haha

2013-06-29 20.21.01-1

2013-06-29 19.23.28

2013-06-29 20.41.12 2013-06-29 20.15.13

So excited that my beautiful best friend is now married ;)


My baby brother is half way through bootcamp and I just got his first letter out to him :/ Whoops! Bad sister :/ So excited to see him soon! I miss him more than words could say! So proud of him!


EFP_6063copy EFP_6142 EFP_6164 EFP_6195copy


It’s the Eve of Christmas Eve! Say wha??

23 Dec

I am so excited for Christmas! Eek!  I’ve spent the morning sorting through gifts to take to different places, drinking peppermint hot coco and watching One Tree Hill. Granted, I could have been watching something more Christmas-y, but I’m going to save that for tonight :)

Ryan was able to come home early from work (Have I mentioned yet how I love him being on salary and no one needing their heater fixed??) so we went out shooting :)

Like my hat? LOL

Yesterday, Taylor and Raf came in for Christmas!

We had the whole afternoon planned out! We were supposed to pick up them up at the airport at 1:30, eat lunch and then take them to Rick and Diane’s. Shouldn’t we know that nothing ever goes as planned by now? haha. The plane was having “technical problems”, so their flight didn’t even come in until 3. Ryan and I had planned for holiday traffic, but between detours, construction, holiday traffic and car wrecks, we picked them up 30 minutes late -_- We decided to go to BJ’s Brewery for a late lunch and with THREE gps devices, we still missed our exit.

Do you like our detour?

We finally found the place and ate around 5, and boy were we hungry! I love BJ’s so much! Raf and Taylor even paid for our meals. How sweet was that? Thank you again, guys!

Taylor ordered a salad and the cabbage was shaped like a Texas Longhorn!

We left around 6, and then headed over to Rick and Diane’s for some family time. I felt left out not drinking, so I had some wine which I’ve decided I can’t stand it . Blech. I said I loved it, because I felt bad since it was already in my glass. Ryan took a sip and guessed right off the bat that I didn’t like it and drank most of it for me. I have a sweet hubby. ha! Anyways, I tried this stuff and it’s AHMAZING!

Ryan went to the liquor store once we left to buy me some and I asked him to get the green apple and peach depending on how much they were a piece. When I asked Diane if they were expensive, she said so so, so I was expecting about $40 a bottle. Yeah, well guess how much it is?? FIVE DOLLARS!! Heck yes!! I may become an alcoholic -_- kidding! haha Seriously though, I don’t think I’ve ever had alcohol so yummy!!

I don't know what is up with my hair! ha!

Ryan and I decided to let each other open one gift early from each other. He opened one of his worst presents just because I couldn’t figure out what it was and it was driving me insane; it was a coin sorter. He’s needed one for a while now, and I think I had more fun playing with it than him! Haha.

I opened a purple long sleeve shirt that I bought myself from Old Navy so I could have more skinn(ier) clothes!

I even did my makeup to match my shirt! Can you tell I’m wearing purple? I felt as if it were too much (I never waver from brown) but Ryan couldn’t even tell I was wearing makeup. Thanks, hun! haha

 Tomorrow starts the  second phase of the HCG diet! The first phase, I lost 25 pounds and I’ve kept off 20. At first I was really bummed that I gained some back, but then I read that it was expected. I want to lose 40 more pounds give or take. Ugh. I am so excited to be skinnier!

Was it this crazy last year???

19 Dec

Christmas is less than a week away?? When did this happen?? There is still so much that I want to do INCLUDING going Christmas Light looking, visiting the Ice Sculptures at the Gaylord  and Holiday in the Park at Six Flags! If we get one thing checked off the list, I’ll be a happy girl!

I’ve pretty much given up on having Ryan get all our Christmas decor from the attic, so this year our tree will be the only thing showing our Holiday spirit. On the upside, at least we won’t have to go out in the freezing cold and take everything down!

This month has been so busy that I haven’t had any time to sit down and write, let alone breathe. Was it this hectic last year? I don’t remember. I wanted this month to be stress free, so I had all my shopping done and presents wrapped before Thanksgiving. Crazy, right? Well, this month has been anything but stress free.

Christmas memories as a child are wonderful! Starting on the first of December, we would take down all our holiday decorations and start the Christmas countdown. My favorite one was a book that told us about the story of Jesus. Every night before bed, dad would read us an event from the story and Paul, Ryan and I would take turns putting the sticker where they went. I remember that I always wanted to put out the manger picture on which meant that I had to be the third one in the rotation, so I was being “nice” and let my brothers go ahead of me. They eventually all caught on as the years passed,  but I was glad that they let me keep my spot I had given myself :).  Afterwards, dad would bring us the Russel Stover chocolate box (with the writing of what the candies wrote inside) and we were all allowed to have ONE piece a day (we learned not to argue for more or you wouldn’t get your one piece ha!). When dad brought the chocolate around the following night, “Santa” magically refilled all the chocolate pieces we had eaten the night before. It actually took us a few years to figure out that dad bought a few packages haha. Good times! Are you allowed to open one gift Christmas Eve? We were and it took much skill to ten-year olds anyway. You had to pick a gift that would be amazing and hold you over until the next morning. I remember opening up clothes one time and my brothers opened an awesome lego set. I was a little jealous! haha. Christmas morning is a bit like clock work, and I’m excited Ryan (my husband) can be a part of it :)  My brothers will wake us up and we will all hang out together in their room bouncing off of walls trying to contain our excitement. When the clock marks 7, Ryan ( my brother) will rush to mom and dads room, wake them up and Christmas morning will officially begin. We will have to go back to the boy’ room while mom and dad get out the video camera and stuff, and when they are all set up, they let us know and we all head out to the living room. I can’t stand that they take pictures SO early in the morning, but I love them at the same time! Up until that morning, under the tree is presents from each other are there, but while we were asleep, Santa comes down the chimney and brings more gifts, so we don’t really see everything there until Christmas morning and dad has it all on tape. Its pretty sweet if you ask me :) **I know Santa isn’t real** That’s how I remember Christmas. Times filled with family, the birth of Jesus, singing Christmas songs, and eating good food! ha!

 This year I feel like I just want to cry. Remember back before Halloween I posted how I was aggravated because no one wanted to make Christmas plans so early? That’s finally come back to haunt me. I knew this year was going to be busy and since family comes first, I wanted to make sure I had everyone penciled in before we made different plans. Did anyone want to talk then? No, because it was too early. Did anyone want to talk at Thanksgiving? No, because it was too early. Everyone said for me to make plans and they’d be fine with it, but are they? No. Christmas is supposed to be fun and about celebrating the birth of Jesus. Instead, it’s a war with who gets who for what holiday.  That is why next year, I think Ryan and I are going to start our own family traditions. Just the two of us (and maybe our baby?- One can only hope)

Does your family open gifts one at a time and go around in a circle, or does everyone dive in? My family does either or BUT we are done within an hour or so. Not too big of a deal. Ryan’s family does it one at a time too and I know every family has their own traditions, but I’m stressing over this way more than I should be. With eight people last year, we spent 4 hours opening gifts. This year, we will have 11 people. I can’t sit and smile that long -_- For instance, last year I had someone get mad at me because I picked up my present when it wasn’t my turn. Excuse me, but I was so self-conscious about my weight that I didn’t want to bend down and get it when all eyes were on me. I think I know when I can open it, but you know what I did? I was the bigger person and said I’m sorry and put it down. Everyone thinks they can treat me like a little kid over there because I won’t stand up for myself something I am really trying to work on. I’m jealous of Ryan’s ability to easily put them in their place. Ryan was trying to teach me if they did it this year to say, “Calm down, I know when I can open my gifts. Do you want to call the gift police or here, why don’t you cuff me right now?” ha! If only I could do that. I’m working on it though.

I think I’ve officially made myself sick from being so worked up from the holidays.

Well, on another much happier note, my little brother has turned 18, finally! Want to know something funny? When I was his age, I was already dating my future husband. I think that’s weird haha

Pickle Posh Photography

As a child we used to always fight but I am so happy we are close now! I remember as a child I threw a cereal box at him; I don’t even know why because I don’t throw things in tantrums ha! Anyways, Paul went and told on me and I had to write a FULL page apology. To this day that letter still cracks me up! Something along the lines of: “My dearest, most favorite, brown headed, younger brother, I would like to take this time to apologize for throwing the brown cardboard, beauty and the beast, Cheerios box at you…blahblahblah.” Don’t you love reminiscing on good times??

We went to my brother’s basketball game against Aledo and it was actually a really good game! We thought it was going to be a beating, but Paul and his team did amazing and kept up! Lost by 10 points, but it was still a great game!

Everyone need a girls day?? Who doesn’t?? I actually need one again already!! ha!! I had some friends come over, and we enjoyed ourselves to a pajama and movie get together! It was fun :) We watched, ‘Miss Congeniality’, ‘Life as we know it’ and ‘White Chicks’.

I was sick the other day and asked Ryan to make me something…here is what he made me:

rice krispy treat, cheeze it and a slim jim sticking out -_-

Kailey, Chloie and I went out for some girl time one day and Chloie had us wore out! LOL

I wanted these shoes so bad but they wash out my skin, right? ugh.

I locked my house keys inside which also happens to have the keys to my car on it -_- Who does that?? Ha! Apparently, me!
The fish tank is starting to look colorful :)
Ryan took me to Cabalas so I could experience it for the first time. Not going to lie, it was pretty awesome!!!  I think I would have had more fun if I didn’t have to hide Ryan’s wallet! Kidding :)

I let him buy some bullets and stuff if he took me out to eat :) He did! We went to BJ’s brewery and had a wonderful date night!!
I did my grocery shopping at HEB to see the difference between prices there and Wal- Mart. I loved how organized they were and the curb side assistance, but I spent wayyyy too much money there. Not worth it.
Ryan doesn’t look too happy, huh?
We just arrived back at home from a weekend trip to visit Ryan’s mom and Allen. We had a blast! Walking along the bay, shooting guns, watching deer, sitting outside and of COURSE looking through baby books. He may kill me if he knows I’ve posted this, but look how darn cute he is!!!
We seriously had so much fun! It was a 6 hour drive away and Ryan drove the entire time. I don’t know why he wouldn’t let me drive -_- ha! Nah, you really have to watch out for deer and they were EVERYWHERE! Lisa and I spent most of our time on the back porch and talked the day away! It was really nice just because it was the first time we both felt as if we could really talk. The first time I met her we only had a few hours with her and I was still in high school about to take exams so my head was every where and the second time was at our wedding.

I realize that the gun I'm holding and the bullets don't match up lol

We woke up Saturday morning to find everyone up celebrating little Allen’s first deer kill. Pretty gross, right?
Then we went out to the bay looking at fish, saw shrimp boats, and having fun :)
Bathroom anyone?
As a Christmas gift, they took us out to eat at this delicious seafood place. I suggested sea food, but I couldn’t decide what I wanted! I was finally talked into stuffed flounder with crab meat inside! Yum! I just wasn’t too keen about seeing the eyes looking at me -_- Anyways, the price said ‘market price’ but Lisa assured me it would be okay since it was our gift. When I went to order, they told me not only did they have some BUT it was $38! Are you kidding me?? Ohmygoodness!! I ended up getting chicken fried steak instead! Yumm! Allen has a shellfish allergy though, and his catfish was fried with it, so I traded him my meal so he could eat. I probably won’t ever get cat-fish again, but I felt good knowing he wouldn’t burst into bumps everywhere and have to be rushed to the hospital :(
Definitely had a fun time and can’t wait to go back!! Thank you again, Allen and Lisa for everything!!

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.” -Audrey Hepburn

13 Nov

Do you ever have those nights where you just fall head over heals in love with your spouse all over again? We did last night. We’ve been so busy lately with work, birthday’s, going away parties and such that we haven’t been on a good ol’ fashioned date night in a while.

Getting ready!

The night didn’t turn out like we had planned, but it was very memorable! We went to Piranha’s Sushi, and whoever hasn’t been there before is missing out! They have what’s called the, Marry Me roll, which has shrimp inside with tuna on top and topped with…STRAWBERRIES! Sound disgusting? Yeah, to me too until I tried it. The strawberry taste on top of soy sauce= delicious!!!

Nom nom nom

....he's not drunk, I promise ;)

After dinner, we planned on going to see one of two movies: Harold and Kumar or Jack and Jill. We just wanted to laugh! I wanted to go see J. Edger, but I couldn’t find a theatre showing it that aired before 10 pm! ha! So as we were walking to the theatre, I kept feeling like I was falling in cracks. Weird, right? After almost twisting my ankle, I look down and guess what I find…?

RIP :(

Instead of going to the movies, we ended up going to JC Penny by our house and after finding nothing, went back in town and went to DSW shoes. I have no idea why we didn’t just go there in the first place, but we didn’t :/

I finally bought some really cute plain black heels and found out I couldn’t pull off boots if my life depending on it! I looked like a street walker -_-

Do you like these? I do. Ryan's comment: "The front looks fine but when you turn to the side you have to think, are cinder blocks in season??"

Do you think Ryan was a bit bored?

As we walk in, he says: "Oh, gosh. I have a feeling I'm going to really regret offering to bring you here..." Ha! We were in and out within 30 minutes!

Instead of going to the movies afterward, we decided to go to Redbox and get, “The dilemma” with Kevin James and Vince Vaughn. It had some laughs, but I’m not going to go out of my way to watch it again, you know? The night was spent in bed with popcorn and cuddling and may have ended up in a tickle fight (which I won, hands down!). Definitely a very fun and memorable date night filled with much laughter and lots of love!

Last week was Cody and Michelle’s 3 year anniversary cruise to Mexico, so while they enjoyed time away from home, I got the little monster! We had so much fun!!!

My favorite picture from the week of Miss Chloie!

Can you tell we had fun??

Who doesn't love a picnic outside??

Our chalk masterpiece!

I leave her alone for one minute and she manages to get bandaids in her hair! ha!

Ryan got money from his dad for his birthday, so I asked if he wanted to go to best buy and get the headed set thing for xbox that he wanted. I knew they were on sale for $5o and it was a really nice pair too! Well, I should have bought them for him, because what was supposed to be a $50 trip cost us $174 -_- At least he got what he wanted though, right? He's promised me that my Christmas present will make up for all the money we are spending on him! ha Word to the wise, sweetie: DO NOT TELL ME I HAVE AN AWESOME GIFT IF YOU WONT TELL ME WHAT IT IS AND I HAVE TO WAIT A FEW MORE MONTHS TO OPEN IT! I don't like this whole waiting game :/ Blah.

My dork of a hubby with his new headset in action!

First thing she asks me in the morning, "Food? Waffles? Bacon? Food?".

An every day tradition

Ryan's friend, Cory, came over for some guy time and we were bragging on how great of a kid Miss Chloie was and how she has wonderful manners at the table...this WOULD be the first time she plays with food, huh?

After church on Sunday, we went with my parents to Taco Bell and she recognizes what the place looks like because every time we pass it now, she yells out, "Taco's!" haha. What a cutie!

We made some pumpkin cupcakes and boy were they delicious! Thank you, yet again, Pinterest!

Without fail, everyday Chloie is over, she will put kleenex between our coasters. I have no idea why but this has been going on for a few months. I've learned to just keep them there unless we have company over! ha! The first and second picture shows how all the coasters have a kleenax in between them and the last picture shows how she won't use ripped ones! haha

We had a fun week!!

I really, really, REALLY want to get into photography. My board on pinterest is insane! At best buy, I was admiring the D90x again and I wish I could just buy it already :( blah. I was thinking about what kind I want to get into and I think I want to pursue birthing photography. A while ago, I saw photos on Facebook that made me tear up and they aren’t even my kid! How precious would it be to capture these moments for mothers to always hold onto

via: Keri Duckett Photography

Go get some tissues and then click on the link to read their story~

HCG update: Although I won’t be able to do another phase between Thanksgiving and Christmas (not enough time) I have still been dropping weight and I can fit into a dress I wore for Senior Pictures at the beginning of 2009! So yeah, that’s a big deal to me! ha!

The two outside pictures are from high school and the middle one is now.

25 pounds down!!!

I finally started cleaning out the fish tank room! Things keep getting stored in there but nothing EVER comes out -_-



It’s all starting to look more organized! It’s amazing what a few shelves can do! ha!

Peace out, y’all and have a wonderful week! 

On a side note real quick: Have you ever heard of a ‘make-up rag’ before? What is it?? I heard the phrase on a tv show and started cracking up laughing. Ryan told me that I’m the only girl he’s never seen use one. What is it??

Who diets during the holidays??

1 Nov

Did everyone have a good Halloween?? I spent my night in bed reading a good book and sipping on some green tea. Halloween has never been something I’ve been into, and I don’t know why :/ I’ve never carved a pumpkin, went door-to-door, or dressed up. Wait, that’s a lie; I was a clown when I was 5. The past 2 years, I have bought bags and bags of candy but no one ever comes to the boonies. So guess what? The one year I didn’t have candy, our doorbell rang once. I feel really bad for not answering the door but I wouldn’t know what to tell the kids :/ Oh well, at least the Halloween is over and I can start getting ready for CHRISTMAS! WOOP WOOP!

On a side note, do you (the wife) buy your own Christmas gifts? I do normally, but I’m debating on whether or not to let Ryan this year. I have our Christmas wish lists that I’ve been adding to throughout the year along with direct links and cost, so I don’t know why I’m hesitant to let him do my Christmas shopping…blech! Anyways though, I want the kindle fire and you can buy e-books with one click. I’m really trying to hold off from buying the kindle until after Christmas (if I don’t get it for a present) but that doesn’t mean I can’t not buy books and read them on my computer, right? Yeah, that ‘one click’ buy a book thing from the kindle store is a little too convenient -_-

HCG update: Apparently, I am going to be the dork who tries to diet during the holidays. I am so ready to go shopping for new clothes and just do a wardrobe change! I have been weighing myself daily and measuring myself weekly, but I still haven’t tried on old clothes to see progress…until today. I have been too scared that if I couldn’t fit into old clothes then it would mess with my head and I’d get depressed. Well, I have been cleaning all day and needed an old shirt, so I grabbed the first one I saw which happens to be my 6th (or 7th but definitely not 8th!) grade softball shirt. Guess what?? It fits! Yes, I am pretty excited!

Today I start phase 3 of the HCG diet so I will be done right before Thanksgiving. Then, I will use the 23rd and 24th as my gorging days and start another round. I’m hoping to lose about 15-20 more pounds by Christmas, so we shall see!

Sunday, we celebrated Ryan’s birthday at my parent’s house and had steaks, HOMEMADE bread, and cheesecake! Everything was delicious!

Birthday boy!

Then, Ryan opened his presents and I have officially lost my husband; They bought him Battlefield 3. He stayed up until 4am and then took off work early to play. Granted, he “claims” he couldn’t sleep AND business was slow in the afternoon, so he had legit reasons but still. He loves that game and it just gives me a headache  because the graphics are so intense its unreal! Whatever, as long as he has fun! They also got him a hat thing that covers his ears, so the boys have fun wearing them throughout the night :)

The boys…
…and dad the DORK!

I’m sure it’s just me, but Chloie seems like a two-year old now! haha

She came over Monday and brought toys over :)
We played with the horses for 3 hours straight! ha!

The other day, Chloie and Adysen had a play date while Danielle and I caught up.

Aren’t they so stinkin’ cute??

Then, we made our way to Katie’s so we could play with the puppies and hang out!

In the car excited to see the puppies

Feeding the fish
smelling flowers
“C’mon, play”

To finish the day off, we had the family over for dinner and I made eggnog pound cake! Sound amazing? It was!

It smelt so good!

Chloie’s about to wake up so I have to go, but Happy November!! 

My family <3

Passing on the love

24 Oct

You know those people who can just let stuff roll off their shoulders? That’s not me. Trust me, I wish it were. I let things bottle up inside until I can’t take it any more and burst into tears. Yes, they may be really silly things but added up together, just feels like a bomb ticking inside waiting to blow up. Normally, a pint of ice creme or chocolate will do the trick but not this time. Thank you, diet -_-

Stalling and not losing weight for a week+  EVERY COUPLE who’s married after Ryan and I are now pregnant or has a little one+ Ranger’s getting annihilated their 3rd game in the #worldseries+ family drama= very stressed out week. See, they may not seem big to you, but I had a melt down :(

On the plus side:

  • I’m back to losing a half pound to a pound a day
  • Miss Chloie is a stand in for now (sometimes, but very rarely) reminding me why I’m child free!

Then again, most of the time she makes me want the exact opposite and start our family…NOW! haha Isn’t she adorable?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Rangers made up for their 3rd game by winning 4-0 in the 4th game. Now, we really need to win tonight’s game! woo hoo! I’m ready!!
  • Family drama…who doesn’t have it?? haha
  • My best friend, Stephanie, is coming in for Thanksgiving! WOOP WOOP!
  • We had family pictures done by our neighbor, Nicole! She is just the sweetest! I’m pretty sure this is the photo we will be using for Christmas Cards.

See, the good outweighs the bad but sometimes you just need a cry and a good book to get your act together! That’s how it normally is in my place anyways :)

Demi Lovato is about to start the national anthem for tonight’s game, so I will leave you with some pictures and then watch the game.

Ryan said he would make himself dinner. Snack night, anyone?

I can eat some lean beaf...lean enough? It tasted....healthy!

I thought I was buying small apples (right)...evidently not :/

I like fruit :)

Shooting his gun :) Boys and their toys...smh...

We went to the bakery down the street. She liked the cake more than the donut!

She couldn't stay in the same place for longer than a minute! haha

Drinking green tea out of my favorite cup :)!

crocheting- Don't hate!

I'm almost as pink as my shirt! Can you tell it was a little hot outside?? ha!

On a side note:

After I graduated high school, I had a plan to make a difference in people’s lives. I applied to two colleges: University of Alabama and Lamar University. Both had wonderful things going for them, but once I saw Lamar, I was sold. They had a wonderful special education teaching program, a soup kitchen across the street and many other opportunities to volunteer at because a hurricane destroyed most of the city. Why am I telling  you this? I miss the days of helping out in my community. Somewhere across the line, I started taking life for granted and not giving at much as I was being blessed with. I’m going to start doing more to help my community, and it’s going to start tomm. I’m going to walk around the neighborhood and pick up garbage, followed by a run to the store to start packing my Operation Christmas Child boxes. God’s blessed me and I want to pass on the love.

Nothing to wear -_-

16 Oct

This morning, I spent THREE hours looking for something to wear in my closet -_- Is that not insane? I’m starting to be able to fit in clothes from high school; however, I have no shoes that fit perfectly. I knew I wanted to lose weight when I bought my flip-flops, tennis shoes and pink heels so I intentionally bought them a few sizes too small. Other than that, all my other heels are seriously too big for me by at least a half-inch. I want/ need to go shopping so bad, but I know it would be a complete waste -_- I even had an emergency skype session with my family early this morning hoping that the outfit I had on would match at least some match, but they nixed the idea :/

Please excuse the super awkward pose :/

When I looked at the weather report this morning at 6am,i t said it was 60* outside. I decided to wear jeans and a jacket BUT I forgot to look at the days forecast :( Needless to say, I was burning up later! ugh.

Do you like my slouch beanie?? I may throw it out because both Ryan and my dad seem to think it looks like a ‘hanging ball of yard on my head’. Thanks for you opinion, guys! haha

We arrived at church an hour late, but at least we went, right? It was great to see everyone! Afterwards, we went to the in-laws for a late lunch and the cowboys game.

Nothing like drinking some green tea after a filling lunch! mmm :)

sleepy hubby

Cowboys game :)

It was a good day to start the week! Makes it even better that I am planning our anniversary get away AND I found out Chlo boogers will be spending a week with us very soon while her parents go on vacay! Everyone is going to have so much fun!!

“I don’t shop because I need something, I just shop for shopping’s sake.” ~ Cat Deeley

15 Oct

Second week HCG update: After church last Sunday, we ran some errands around town and Dad and both Ryan’s decided they wanted some Panda Express. Knowing that the temptation would be too hard to resist, I was just going to sit in the car and read some; I didn’t mind, and I knew I had a nice yummy salad waiting for me at home. Even after working at Panda for a year and eating it pretty much every day I was scheduled, I still crave it; Orange chicken, fried rice, chow mein…yummy! Better stop before I start craving it right now :/ I guess they didn’t quite catch on that I didn’t want to be around the smell because they made the unanimous decision inside to get it to go. While happy that they made a nice gesture at not wanting me to wait by myself, I knew I would be tested after Ryan started eating his chicken egg roll in the car :( After we came home, the temptation was too hard to resist. I caved and  had 3 pieces of orange chicken with some fried rice. Bad mistake. On Monday’s weigh in, I gained a pound and a half, Tuesday I was back down at Sundays weight and Wednesday, I started losing again. Just by one little cave in, I lost at losing 3 days of weight. I wish I could say it was worth it, but I was pretty upset that I didn’t have enough will power. What’s in the past is in the past though, right? I’m moving forward and by tomm. I expect to lose a total of 15 pounds since the second of the month. I’ll keep you updated on that ;) I’m a third of the way to my goal!

I think Cody and Michelle gave this booger sugar before they sent her my way on Thursday, because Miss Chlo was bouncing off the wall!

Yeah, we had a mess to clean up :)

On a side note, I found where she has been stashing everything :)

I had a few moments of peace when she fell asleep in the chair reading her book. Is she not so cute??

Friday was all about girls day out :) I was trying to have Chloie take a nap BEFORE we went out, but that failed miserably :( We were laying down and she turned to me and said, ‘Emoney, Emoney! Lunch? Nuggets, French Fries, Ketchup’?? I rolled over to see what time it was…9:30! Instead of lunch, we went to the cabinet for a snack. After asking if she wanted grapes, raisins, pineapple etc. she saw Ryan’s cereal…cookie crisps. That was the end of that discussion! haha. After my shower and her bath, I forgot to clean up her toys, so when Ryan took a shower he said it made his day how her plastic fork garden tool thing was shoved all the way through his bar soap! Kids are funny!

I put her on the bed and she got stuck in her towel! Is it bad that I let her try an extra 3 seconds because it was too funny seeing her roll around trying to get out of it?? haha

Can you tell she was happy to be out?? haha

She’s not tall enough to get off the bed yet, so I sat her on it, went to the laundry room to change the clothes and in that 2 minutes I was gone, she took my tea and her cookie crisps and poured it ALL over the bed. I wasn’t too happy at all, but I made her apologize and refused to let that ruin my day. At least she helped me clean it up :)

After changing sheets and stuff, we finally headed out the door towards town. We stopped by DQ and I bought a burger and french fries for Chloie and meals for Ryan and his dad. With the whole clean up and stuff, we were already late so I brought myself a salad and let Chloie eat in the car. I was hesitant to give her food on a plate while in her car seat in a moving vehicle, but she did quite well! Im not sure her face would say the same -_- haha

Once we arrived in town, I was letting Chloie finish eating and Mallory and Kailey kept us entertained :)

Since I plan to keep dropping weight, I really don’t want to buy new clothes. I guess it was a pretty bad decision to go shopping, huh? I did do some early Christmas shopping though, and bought myself a new hat :) Pretty sweet if you ask me!

We went into Old Navy where Chloie was a doll! Her addiction to shoes definitely showed! She would run to the shoes and go hug them :)

Our next stop was Ross and while Kailey and Chloie went to the toys, Mallory and I did the shopping! I think we packed 10 outfits in our basket within 5 minutes! haha

How cute is this dress??

Normally Chloie will let me know when she has to potty but not this time. Her diaper filled up so her pants fell down! We all could not stop laughing!

Since I was halfway dressed, Kailey offered to change her and now they are best friends :)!

She really did shop till she dropped :/

We made our way to TJ Maxx which I’ve never been inside, but love it! Chloie had fun too because it was toy central! haha

Mallory offered to watch Chloie while Kailey and I went shopping for shoes! I fell in love with these red pumps, but they were already big and the first thing I lose weight in is my feet. Weird, right??

As the two made their way towards us, I met them half way and showed Chloie a cricket which started the bug hunt.  “Bug? Bug? Where’d the bug go?”

The bug hunt came to an abrupt stop when she saw the shoes! haha

We then went to our last store: JCPENNY! They had amazing deals, and I really wanted boots but I couldn’t bring myself to spend money on shoes I couldn’t wear long :( Ugh. At least we took fun pictures :)

We finally ended our 6 hour shopping day and we were pooped. We had a fun time and I can’t wait to spend time with them all again soon!

Once we came home, I was about to make dinner and Michelle texted me saying they were on their way. I hurried and made a grilled cheese for the monster and on our way we went. After 30 minutes, she gives me her food with no ketchup left. I could just give her the plain stuff and she would be fine! haha

I’ve been typing and editing pictures now for 2 hours though, and my back is killing me :) Time to go get a back massage from the hubster <3

Columus day weekend

11 Oct

Between planning for the holidays, cleaning the house, watching miss Chloie, and running errands, the past few days have been busy to say the least! I don’t know how I found time to sleep, unlike my 6’3” brother who loves sleeping on that chaise…

or miss chloie who sleeps with everything in sight :)

My bestie and I just spent an hour talking on the phone about her new blog she is going to start: Get your Act together: Stephanie Peterson style :) I will post a link later.There will be 7 topics which she will concentrate on: sleeping better, eating healthier, exercising, relationships, prayer, budgeting and media intake. I don’t know about you, but I look forward to reading it!

HCG update: My first week is ACCOMPLISHED! Sunday, I had a total of 9.8 pounds lost!Woo hoo! I forgot to take an official ‘before’ picture (that I would post here) so here is one I took this summer where I am actually bigger than I was a week ago. I know I don’t want to post my weight here ( heck, who would??) BUT if I’m not honest with myself then I can’t properly lose the amount I want to lose, right?? Well, not my exact weight but round about terms, okay? I know I’m not the smallest person in the world, but I don’t think I’m huge either…right?? **Just nod you head in agreement :) Well, by losing 10 pounds, I am finally only overweight! Not obese -_- Gosh, how sad is that?? I can’t help that I love the taste of food so much but I am trying to do much better! Even if I do gain weight back after R1P2, at least I have learned about portioning my food and not letting it rule over my life!!

Here are my printable motivation pictures I’m putting around the house… especially on the M&M jar and refrigerator!!

I bought Ryan a bb gun for his birthday. It’s a waste of money if you ask me, but he wanted to shoot squirrels with at my parents house. It’s his birthday present, right?It’s actually really nice and has a kick on it. Really, a bb gun has a kick?? It also has a silencer which even with it on is obnoxiously loud!! Here is him choosing which gun he wants! haha.

I bought Scotty’s new cd!! This has seriously been my first cd to buy in…years! My last cd was Clay Aiken’s I believe -_-


AND I found out…he loves me :)

With Monday being Columbus day, Ryan took the day off and went golfing with the boys and shot his best yet: An 82! I have no idea what that means, but the lower the better! I on the other hand, took Chloie to my parents house to hang out a while. She kept telling me “nake, nake” and I just did the smile and nod since I had no idea what she was talking about. Turns out she wanted to pet the snake :)

I took it out and she ran behind my mom. I didn’t know Chlo could move so fast! haha

She then SLOWLY crept closer and eventually touched it…

…and made this face. I don’t think she liked it too much! haha

I know I didn’t write much, but I am so out of it so I’m headed off to bed! Take care!

Oh, and Rangers..WIN TONIGHT!!!! WOOP WOOP!! #ALCS Proud to be a Texan!! holla!

No more M&M’s

6 Oct

She’s not even two yet, and Chloie will do dishes! Well, start your dishwasher with comet…at least she’s trying though, right??

I gave her a few M&M’s the other day, and I have never seen her so high on sugar! Ohmygoodness!

We left for our walk and ended up having a play date with Dillyn down the street :) Can you tell they had fun??

Their pink shoes :)

Dillyn taught me how to make Diet Coke and hot chocolate from dirt and water.

Meanwhile, Chloie played in the dirt :)

Miss Dillyn is 2 going on 16! When she can legally drive on roads, I know I don’t want to be around! hehe

If I hadn’t of moved, she would have ran straight into me! haha

Dillyn came over to give me a beautiful flower and Chloie swiftly scooted over in the driver’s seat.

Dillyn loves the song, Hakuna Matata, and asked Chloie a few times if she knew it so they could sing together :)

Blue chalk and water rubbed on your face makes you a smurf :)!

After we came home Kailey came over to hang out :)

She spotted our M&M jar again so I gave her a few…bad mistake…sugar rush! You’d think I would know by now how sugar effects, right?? haha This is her after her nap! haha Sorry for the mess :/

We had a fun!

I gave Chloie food yesterday for lunch while I went to start the laundry and I come back and look what I find! Are you comfy there darlin’?? **I’ve been noticing most pictures I take are of her watching tv but we only watch 1 movie or 2 tv shows a day! Normally she just hides my phone :)**

Okay, a chain grocery store in our area is shutting down (at this location anyway) and makeup is 90% off. Two hours later, I came out with a bunch of different lipstick colors for fun. I don’t wear makeup often, but when it was name brand for 2 bucks, I’ll take it! Little did I know that I bought lip STAINER instead of lipstick :( Yeah, of course I would try on a deep red first -_- I’m just glad Chloie and I didn’t end up playing ‘makeover’ with it!! haha

While I was trying to get it off, look at what Chloie did..

Anyways…sorry for a really late post, but I’ve been so busy lately its unreal :( I’ll post more later when I’m not concentrating on not burning our food! ha

HCG update: I’m on my 5th day of my VLCD and I’ve lost a total of 7.8 pounds Woo- hoo! The first day was pretty hard and I had a migraine like no other but it’s getting easier. I’m actually having to force food down because I’m never hungry anymore, but I know I need my protein.  I know I was very skeptical to start out, but this is really the easiest thing I’ve ever done (diet wise). Granted, I am taking the lazy way out but I’ve ran, worked out, portioned my meals and for my hard work, I’d lose a pound or two a week. I know for sure I have learned a few things already:

  1. I LOVE TRUVIA! It’s a natural sweetener with zero calories so not only is it healthier than sugar but I find it yummier as well! yumm :)
  2.  Now that I can’t have food, I’m addicted to looking up recipes. Not because I’m hungry, but because everything always looks so good.
  3.  I love incentives to help me lose weight! I have different things to help push me, but the closest thing right now is losing 30 pounds because Ryan will quit smoking!
  4. I’ve had so much lettuce lately, I don’t think I will be touching a salad ever again…unless it’s from Chipoltle :)