Baby Fever no mo!

8 Apr

So a few days ago when I posted, I was an emotional wreck. A baby fever spell hit me so bad, but I am glad to say that it has completely gone away!! Well, for right now anyways! ha!

I’ve been so busy lately with photography, that I haven’t been able to watch these 2 little ones for a while :( When I saw that Michelle needed a babysitter for the weekend, I immediately jumped on it. I needed to see my little Chloie bugs and miss ellie! 


They came over Friday and we had a lot of fun going to the park and playing games. Ellie had  some diarrehea, but she was also teething, so no one thought anything of it. 

Chloe slept through the night, and I only had to wake up 2x for Ellie! It was pretty peaceful, but I was realizing that I could wait a little while longer to have kids. Revolving plans around someone other than my husband and not getting a full night of sleep isn’t what I’m used to! ha! Now, I know that all comes with motherhood, but it was just a nice reminder telling me that I can hold off a while.

I’m only 22. I guess it’s just the fact that I’ve been married for 3 years and nothing. My highschool friend who’s wedding I actually shot just announced she’s pregnant. While I’m happy for her, I was devastated and didn’t understand why they were able to conceive before us. I just have to remember that it will happen when it will happen. 

After this weekend though, my husband said he’s going to start wearing condoms again! ha! 

It was very VERY fun -_-

Remember how I said Ellie was teething and that’s what caused her diarrhea. Turns out, she was really sick :( Lots of screaming, pooping and spitting up :( Poor baby! 


We had to run an errand and Chloie fell asleep in the car. We get home and I try to move her to the bed inside and not wake her up; I failed miserably. She starts screaming bloody murder so I tell her to go to her room. When she’s done throwing a fit, she can come out. Then I start changing Ellie and all the sudden I hear Chloie say “I threw up, I threw up”. Sure enough, she did. It was EVERYWHERE! All in the bed, in her hair & on her clothes. I finish dealing with Ellie and put her in her crib which only makes her cry louder and rush Chloie to the shower. Let me tell you, running my fingers threw her hair to get the chunks out was not how I thought I would be spending my Friday Saturday night. After about 5 rounds of puking, I finally had her lying down watching a movie and rush back to Ellie when Chloie lets me know she’s pooped in her pants…lovely. 

So yes it was a great night. Michelle came and got them a little earlier than planned. I feel bad that she had to leave early :/ 

Well, fast forward to yesterday morning at 5am.

Ryan wakes up puking his guts up, and he’s a violent puker. I could tell his tummy was going to be hurting. We couldn’t get out of bed all day yesterday. Good thing it was only a 24 hour bug and we are feeling 100% better! I can still smell the acidic puke from Chloie though. Gag. 

So it was a joyous weekend! ha!

At least we had Sampson who cuddled with us :)! 


…or hog my side of the bed…





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