2013- First post of the new year

11 Jan

I’ve really been neglecting my blog lately, but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been given the luxury of sitting down to type some.

It was about this time last year that I was writing how I was going to be starting a photography business. I never knew how much work it was going to be owning your own business, but working with such fabulous people and doing something that I love so much has really paid off in the long run!




In other exciting news….

Miss Ellie was born and is now 6 months old :)


My gorgeous best friend is ENGAGED…FINALLY!!!


My baby brother is a Senior!! Say whaaaa???


In other news…we had a White Christmas!!


We bought everyone stuff they wanted…even though I was out on Christmas Eve shopping :(

Ever year, I tell myself that that will change, but it doesn’t. I didn’t even put my tree up until the week before…and yes, it’s still up! ha!


It was my year for the bigger items. I received a beautiful wood bookshelf, a therapeutic office chair (much-needed!), a keurig maker (what,what!), iPhone speakers, some odds and ends, but the best gift was my stocking stuffer from my parents: Dallas Summer Musical season pass tickets! Um, yeah! I’m going to go see Mary Poppins, Catch me if you can, Sister act and Lion King! I could’ve chosen to see Wicked (my all time favorite musical..EVER) but I chose to see Lion King since I haven’t seen it yet, and you can only choose one or the other. I get to take someone with me to every show. My parents will accompany me to both Lion King and Sister Act, but I don’t know who to take to see the others! I’m not going to torture my husband and make him go with me! ha! He went to Legally Blonde the musical..that’s good enough ;) I’m thinking about taking my brother to see Catch me if you can…a brother/sister date!

Paul has actually signed up for the military..he wants to be a seal, but is going for the marines first and will be a battles field corps man. It makes me really nervous that he is choosing to do this, just because I love him so much and his job will put him right on the front lines, but I know this is what he wants to do, and he is fighting for our country.  Don’t worry, he got rid of that dumb rat-tail thing hanging off the side of his head…ha!


Let’s see, what else is going on…

Savvy and I have become best friends. I think we see each other every day! Just makes me wish that my other best friend lived closer! Image

I have FINALLY become more organized! I have a chore chart (hey- don’t hate) so it’s lovely seeing my house spotless every day! I don’t do photography stuff past 6:30 so I can have time just my hubby and I, and I have been eating more healthy and haven’t even drank a coke. That’s huge for me! ha!

Sooo I went to the doctor a few months back about fertility drugs. After almost 3 years of trying and nothing happening, needless to say it’s a bit frustrating. We are going to wait a little bit longer before trying the actual treatment, just because the odds of having multiples are VERY high and everyone I know who has tried it are having twins. As much as I would love having twins, I don’t feel old enough to take on that big of a chance lol As you can see, baby fever hasn’t left me yet. All in God’s timing though.

I’ll post again later, and try not to have the gap be 6 months between posts


Happy Friday!!




One Response to “2013- First post of the new year”

  1. lisa morrison (@lisa02876) January 11, 2013 at 4:00 pm #

    good to hear from ya emily <3

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