Life and Death

21 Jun

My dear friend Joey I mentioned last post passed away on Friday, April 27th. He went in for heart surgery to get a new pacemaker put in and ended up bleeding out on the table. When I  first heard the news, I was devastated. I’ve never lost anyone close to me and didn’t quite know how to handle myself. Chloie had spent the night with us, so I couldn’t stop holding her and wishing she could stay young forever to never have to go through the heartache of loosing someone special. I mourned for his family and friends and wished for that one last ‘Joey’ hug. Anyone who’s ever been given the pleasure of getting a hug from this guy knows what  I mean. They were so special in a way I can’t describe. Yes, there were many times my troubles just rolled off my shoulders because he would give me a hug and just listen.

When Saturday rolled around it really hit me, and I wasn’t doing too well. I think the worst part was that I didn’t go see him in the hospital (I’m a typical Asian driver, I can’t drive downtown without getting in a wreck sounds really lame now) and when I saw him just 2 days before his passing we laughed about the surgery because it was supposed to be a breeze. I felt guilty. I couldn’t even call my best friend and tell her about his passing who was just as close if not closer with him and his family. I texted her. Lame, right? I didn’t know what to say; I felt empty that someone could just be taken away from you so fast. I didn’t want to show weakness on his death was affecting me; I stayed locked up in the bathroom for hours just crying. I prayed for comfort and I got it. I felt the Lord just take everything off my shoulders and I swear I could hear Joey telling me to stop mourning his death because he was where he wanted to be. I love that I will get to see him someday and his death brought so many people closer to their families, friends and Christ. There is hope. I can’t even imagine what it would be like if you don’t believe in life after death. Not ever seeing anyone ever again after they pass?

Oh, Joey. I love you and can’t wait to see you again!


In other news…

My husband is amazing- ’nuff said! He works 12+ hours a day in this Texas heat so that I can do what I love- photography!

Things have still been doing really well! I’ve taken a break the last 2 weeks to enjoy time with my family while awaiting the birth of Miss Ellie! Being on call 24/7 is ‘tuff work! hehe

I’m photographing her birth and newborn session and can’t wait to hold her in my arms! She is going to be born into such a wonderful and loving family!

My brother Paul got Prom King 2012 AND graduated high school since I’ve written last! He’s all grown up! :/

My brother Ryan didn’t look so bad himself :)

My parents are away on vacation at the time, so my brothers are staying with us. Though they can take care of themselves, they still are 18 year old boys….ha! We had everything planned, but Ryan ended up getting mono, so he sleeps 15+ hours a day and I am playing nurse! I can’t tell you how many times I wash my hands a day because I refuse to get sick! I will hold Miss Ellie! haha

Ummm… we got a new car! I needed something bigger to hold two car seats and hold more props! Ryan wasn’t too sure on the Kia BUT we really like it and so far!

Here is a cute video of Chloie washing the old car and singing :)

I love being this little ones nanny! She is seriously so adorable! Do you think I take too many pictures from my phone if I hold up my camera and she instantly thinks I am taking a picture? hehe

What a doll! She’s getting soooo big!

On June 14th, Ive officially celebrated 2 years in America! Woop Woop! My parents bought me a sewing machine for a present which I will post pictures when it arrives! I’ve turned into quite the craftster! ha! I made this for a client for her child’s session. Adorable, right? And my model is too! hehe

Ooh, I am dying my hair Monday! Well, doing peek a boo highlights and getting it cut anyways. I have virgin hair but I am putting some deep red in- enough to stand out but still look professional for my business. So excited but soooo nervous at the same time! Right now I am trying to decide whether or not to do side swoop bangs or like bang bangs. ha! I’ll post pictures when I’m done! My hair has gotten so long !

Well, last but not least I will tell you that Ryan and I are going to be starting a new journey in our lives that is really hush hush right now, but I can’t wait to tell y’all all hopefully soon! It could be a few months or even a few years away, but I am so excited!


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