Two Wonderful Years!

19 Apr

At the end of March, my husband and I celebrated our two-year anniversary!

Time has flown by, but its nice to know I have my best friend by my side! I know it’s late, but a HUGE thank you to everyone who told us, ‘Happy Anniversary!”

We spent a 10 day vacation down south by the gulf! We stayed a few days at his Mom’s house visiting with them and they made us feel right at home!

Do you think we packed enough?

Ryan and I have the best time on road trips! ha!

When we first got there, we had a bonfire with all of the family :) It was fun!

The boys had their guns and I had a baby! We were all VERY content :)

I went outside to take some pictures of sweet baby, Ava! Is she not adorable?!

I learned so much more about Ryan’s childhood and was he not the cutest little kid?

Heres a picture of a crocodile the boys were trying to catch -_- This thing was fast for being so small!

Yeah, I had more fun taking pictures of the property :)

For our actual anniversary, Ryan took me to Kemah, Texas which was beautiful! We stayed right beside the coast at a little boutique inn. It had a full size kitchen and living room and everything! It was huge! We even had a jacuzzi on our private porch! Yeah, we had fun :)

We could be models :)

I have seriously never had more fun eating ice cream and walking along the boardwalk!! We were being so silly, it was great!

The picture below pretty much sums up how we both felt about going shopping all day!!!!

We were SO excited to eat Sushi for dinner…they were closed -_-

We had fun for the most part, but Ryan drove me INSANE one night -_- I am a planner like nobody’s business. Like I have 4 calendars all color coded …I want to know EVERYTHING. Well, sometimes it drives Ryan insane so he purposefully left out a few details on what we were going to do one night. He mentioned how we were going to go fishing. It was 5 o’ clock so I thought we would be out a while and  be back. What he failed to tell me was that we were doing an overnight fishing trip and mosquitos are attracted to the bay.

I was having all fun at first…

By the end of the night I could have hurt someone. I am so glad everyone left me alone! I had 100+ mosquito bites (in pants/jacket/hoodie) and I was seriously going out of my mind! You couldn’t see five feet in front of you they were so bad!

Attractive, right? -_-

Then, I got sick the rest of our vacay :/ Good thing we only had like 2 days left and then I would be in my own bed :)

It all worked out though and we had a wonderful vacation!!!

I came back to Chloie screaming bloody murder when she saw me :( Poor baby! As soon as her parents left though, she was fine!

Look how she fell asleep with her hands! aww!

She helped me wash my car :)

…and we did such a bad job we had to go through the car wash! haha

I got some soap in her eye while I was giving her a bath :(

Did y’all have a happy Easter Sunday?? We did!!

We dyed eggs and had dinner with my family Saturday night

And Sunday morning after church we went to his parents house and sat out on the deck eating yummy food and playing with the puppies!!

We had fun! Ooh, I bought a new prime lens!!! Heres the munchkin playing while I was talking to the salesman :)

Two pictures from my most recent sessions with my new lens! I’m in love!!!

We went on a play date and I took this pictures! It cracks me up EVERY TIME!! How cute is she?!

She’s getting into the doll stage:) Aw, I just want to hug the little munchkin!

So yeah, thats where we are now…

Nothing too new has been going on…

Oh, well we are getting a new car!

We took ours to get inspected yesterday and there is just so much work to be done on it, that now is a perfect time just to buy a new one! Plus, we have someone who will buy it as soon as I clean it out…which I should do in just a few minutes! ha!

 I want a mini SUV type thing! I don’t know, we will go looking and should have a new one the time the weekend is over :) We will see! I can’t wait!

Oh yeah…I am officially married to a bald man! He actually pulls it off quite nicely! I haven’t taken an ‘after’ picture yet, but here is one while he is shaving!

Take care, everyone!!!


2 Responses to “Two Wonderful Years!”

  1. Amberley April 25, 2012 at 12:07 pm #

    Congrats on your Anniversary! Mine is coming up, too (May 29, YAY!!) Nice pics

    • Emily April 25, 2012 at 12:36 pm #

      Thank you so much!

      Awe, I can’t wait to meet him when we all get together! I talked to Michelle and we can plan something at their house and grill out or something :)!

      Happy Early Anniversary to you and your hubby, too!!

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