Can I please sleep?

17 Mar

My photography business is doing wonderful! Things are actually going by a lot faster than I thought they would! If you haven’t yet, be sure to like my Facebook page, here. In the past week, I have had three inquiries about weddings, 3 photo sessions and 4 bookings! Not bad if I do say so myself! Here are a few pictures from my last two sessions! I love photographing happy moments!



Joey is doing much better and looks as healthy as can be and EFP was able to donate a couple hundred to help pay medical bills! Woo hoo! It feels so good to give back!

Well, to catch you up from the last post, I have finished up through season 4 on Chuck and have already pre ordered the last season from Amazon! Can you say ‘nerd’ ?? It’s so good though!

My business cards came in!! Except I am having a hard time with my domain provider right now so my website is currently

Remember how I mentioned that Ryan would clean for a week? That didn’t happen. He was supposed to clean from Saturday to Saturday. Well, he asked me if he could do a big clean on Friday only, so I said yes, but he wasn’t allowed to get mad that the house wasn’t clean. Well, by Friday the house was a MESS  (laundry/dishes/everything else!). He had such a long day at work that I didn’t say anything, and then Saturday rolled by and I finally asked if he was going to clean. Do you want to know his reply? “Why, Saturday already went by?”….-_-

At least I didn’t have to clean that week AND I bartered a date night! ha! We ate out at BJ’s Brewery followed by a movie date to see ‘Act of Valor’! Great movie!

We got a new roof :) I found out as they started hammering… :/

I got a Sam’s Club membership and was SO tempted to buy this huge bucket of Sunflower seeds!! haha

Miss Chloie and I decided to eat some pizza for lunch while we there-do you think they gave her a big enough slice? LOL

I needed to get my glasses fixed so she put on a little show for everyone! How cute is she!?

Well, besides cleaning, doing photography and more cleaning there hasn’t been anything new- wait, I lied.

We have a mountain lion in our neighborhood and Ryan is trying to kill it so he can mount it. I’m fine with him killing it, but mounting it? Not too sure about that… lol

He just asked if I could see him! haha

Oh, I love my husband! Which, by the way we will be celebrating our two-year anniversary in a week! Say what?! Can’t wait!

Its always good when he keeps surprising me and not telling me that he left me a surprise until I walk into a public place! LOL

Take care, everyone! Happy St. Patty’s Day!


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