I’m 21!

7 Feb

This past Sunday, I turned 21!!! Insane, right? It was a wonderful day and I have a feeling this is going to be the best year yet!

I received flowers, gift cards, money and AN IPHONE! Oh, hubby, thank you so much! With all the cash, I’m buying camera accessories and equipment! It’s quite exciting!

I started EFP 2 weeks ago and have already done 5 photo shoots! I have about 10 more booked! So excited!

Here is a picture from yesterday’s session! Is he not adorable??

I can already see how much I’ve grown in my editing skills and such! Thank you, Nicole, from Pickle Posh Photography, for being such a wonderful mentor! We had so much fun shooting Miss Kenley’s 2 year old shoot!

I’ve been so busy lately with sessions/editing/website making/watching Chloie that I’m excited to be sitting down right now and typing! haha

Chloie and I went to McDonald’s and met some nice people! We all exchanged information, so more play dates will be in our future! ha!

Next time though, I am going to make her eat her meal before she plays! She gave me the puppy dog look so I let her pass on her meal! lol

So Chloie is getting ‘ongry for chicken and ketchup’ so I’m just going to post some photos! ha!

So delicious but so unhealthy. Bittersweet :/

Afternoon walk!

Can’t wait for baby Max to get here! So excited! Off to feed the munchkin and do another photo shoot!


One Response to “I’m 21!”

  1. absolutetruth1 February 7, 2012 at 1:54 pm #

    Happy Birthday!!!! May the rest of your life be as wonderful as this day. Many blessing. Shanti

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