THOSE couples

23 Jan

Do you ever feel like your relationship with your spouse/ boyfriend is one of a kind? That if anyone else knew how dorky you acted around each other that they would make fun of you? I sure hope you said, yes! ha!

That’s my husband and I every night during H.A.W.T (don’t judge!) See, I just let you in on a little part of our dorkiness. HAWT is where we have husband and wifey time. No electronics just us. It’s my favorite part of the day because we get to talk about how our days went and whatever else is on our minds. For instance, last night, we had a pillow fight, tickling matches, laughed until we cried and fell asleep holding hands. It was the BEST way to end the night. **sigh** How did I get so lucky to marry my best friend?

The other day, Chloie and I went to Wal Mart and after they rang me up, I couldn’t find my card ANYWHERE. I was almost in tears and since Ryan was on his lunch break, I begged him to bring my card. Yeah, guess where I find it? In a zipped pocket. I forgot I asked my mom to check me out when I went to bed bath and beyond the other day while I put something back. Good thing what I bought was totally worth it!

Afterwards, I let her ride the mechanical horse and when the time ran out the look on her face almost made me want to cry, but I had no more cash on me. She totally has me wrapped around her little finger!

Anyways, when I came home I had a surprise waiting for me on the computer:

Greatness, right?

I’ve been watching Chloie more often and ohmygoodness, I just want to squeeze her! Look how darn cute she is! (Yes, we went out midday when shadows were horrible BUT I had to wear her out for nap time!) ha!

The other night, I watched her as well as her 3 precious cousins while the adults went out to dinner. We had so much fun running around, eating pizza and watching movies :) The little one, Victory, was so cute because she always wanted to cuddle since she was so scared <3

My days are pretty much same ‘ol, same ‘ol.

My husband smokes. Gross, right? We’ve tried doing all these incentives to stop, but since cigs contain nicotine, you can’t stop unless YOU are ready to stop. Anyways, we have struggled for 3 years getting him to stop and he would get so close but he would cave when he got really stressed or something. Well, you might remember me saying a while back that we agreed that when I got to a certain weight that he would stop smoking. Well, I haven’t quite hit that yet BUT he it’s been THREE weeks since he bought his last pack! Woo hoo! I had to bribe him with something big but he deserves it :)

Now, if only he would stop eating so much! Ryan is really picky about his food: No leftovers, no chicken, no dinners within 2 weeks of each other and those are just to name a few. Well, when I’m on the HCG diet, it’s really hard to cook a good dinner every night when I can’t eat anything. Yes, I did fail in that department -_- I am finishing it up though. This phase has been a complete waste. I have only lost 10 pounds since the beginning of the year (opposed to 25 my first round in a month). Now, have I been really trying? No. I haven’t had the willpower when I am making yummy food for Ryan! ha! Here comes to eating healthier, doing weights and losing it the old-fashioned way!

Do you see this? It is a oreo cheesecake thing from interest! SO STINKING GOOD! I made it 24 hours in advance (with the help of Chloie!) so they were always staring at me -_-

I also made this braided spaghetti garlic bread thing full of carbs and deliciousness!

Ryan and I watched, ‘The Event’ on Netflix and finished it in only a few days. Yes, we had a lazy weekend but it was the best :)

My 21st birthday is just around the corner and I have no idea what I want to do. I just want to order a drink on my birthday. Is that too hard to ask for? Well, apparently. First of all, my birthday is on a Sunday. Second of all, it’s on Superbowl Sunday. blah. I don’t want to go out and party because that’s not my crowd but I do want to do something celebrating turning 21! I’m thinking of doing a lunch thing after church at my favorite Mexican place. We’ll see! ha!

I’m starting up a photography thing on the side, so I have been working on websites/ Facebook pages/ legal stuff all together. Fun, right? Blah! ha! I can’t wait until I can actually take a ton of photos! My first session was for tomm but its supposed to rain -_- Bleck! Oh, well! I still can’t wait!! I’m pretty excited :) We will be doing a Valentines Day themed shoot! Plus, I think Michelle is going to let me photograph her baby’s birth (which we find out the sex Wednesday!). I can’t tell you how exciting this will be! They are doing an at home water birth!


3 Responses to “THOSE couples”

  1. Jo Bower January 23, 2012 at 7:49 pm #

    Yes, we are one of those couples. My husand was on his way to Germany for his last year in the army when he asked me out and we decided to get married when he got back. Things didn’t quite work out and we ended up getting married the day before he let for Germany. We spent the whole year apart, and have not ever found anything worth fighting about since. We still hold hands and are not afraid of PDA…even though he is a pastor. I feel God gave me a wonderful gift in my husband. He is in transistion into a chaplain’s position, and someone asked me if I liked the idea. Without thought I answered “whatever makes him happy. I don’t care what he does for a living.” How goofy is that? Oddly enough God gave me the opportuinity to help the questioner open up. Her final remark… You’re right, I don’t care if he even sells insurance… I guess that was not very high in prestige in her part of the worlds (Her husband is a conference superintendent in a Methodist movement). But we are (after many years – no, not WWII) still very much in love.

  2. Ressurrection January 23, 2012 at 11:23 pm #

    I love love and this blog.


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