“‘Tis healthy to be sick sometimes” -Henry David Thoreau

9 Jan

Ryan and I have switched off being sick the last week and it has been miserable! Last Sunday, he came down with a virus that left him looking pale and lifeless. It pained me to see him so out of it, so I stayed beside him the whole time nursing him back to health. Little did I know that I would get what he had on top of strep throat. Granted, I diagnosed myself, but I have all the symptoms and my throat is aching like no one’s business. I’ll spare you the details, but I swear, I have coughed up my lungs! bleck! I can’t wait to feel 100% better! It’s amazing how we don’t realize how healthy our bodies really are until something goes wrong. The good news is that I don’t have the bug Ryan gave me anymore so I don’t feel extremely weak or nauseous, just sinus crud. The bad news is…Ryan’s starting to have my cough. YUCK!

Sick hubby :(

My green tea which is keeping me alive! ha!

Since I now have the energy to write in my blog, I’ll update you on what’s been going on since I have last posted.

12.27.2011 Ryan and I went on a date night to have dinner and a movie. The night started with us going to Red Lobster which was a complete fail; The food was overcooked and the service was horrendous. I don’t think we’ve ever had a problem with them before but it was such a bad experience that I don’t think I want to go to that one again. Since everything was so disorganized there, we ended up going to the 9:30 showing of Mission Impossible 4. I LOVED IT! Ryan kept dozing off because it was so late, but I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! Once the movie was over it was past midnight! ugh! Good thing the movie was worth us staying out really late.

I was sitting in the computer room ready to leave when I saw Ryan getting ready. Only then did I feel like such a creeper! ha!

12.28.2011 Ryan surprised me with a late Christmas/ early birthday present! I GOT THE KINDLE FIRE!! Just in time too, I would have been bored to death while I’ve been sick. I think I’ve read at LEAST 25-50 books. That’s kind of sad seeing how it takes me about 3 hours to read a 250 page book! ha!

12.30.2011 We had a bonfire at my parents house where the Binnigers and Paul’s girlfriend, Savannah, joined us. I would love to say that I enjoyed sitting by the fire, but Savannah and I stayed in and talked about our new kindles ha!

1.1.2012 HAPPY NEW  YEARS! Ryan and I went to my parents house and played games and drank champagne :) It was fun just the four of us but boy was it mighty hard to stay up until midnight! ha!

What resolutions have you made? I swear, I am going to stick to mine this year! I want to be a better wife to my amazing husband who treats me so well, start budgeting better, eat healthier and lose weight.

Being sick really put a damper on my resolutions. I did start the HCG diet Round 2 on the first and I’ve lost 7 pounds and officially past the hardest part- I hope. I did well at first, but the past 3 days I have cheated in every way possible. Why do you crave EVERYTHING you can’t have when you can’t have it? ugh. Today I have gotten myself back on track though, so hopefully I can start watching the pounds shed off again :) I hadn’t been budgeting too well either since I’ve been bed ridden ha! I couldn’t stop buying books! Darn you ‘Buy with one click!’ I am now 3 days sober of not buying anything! Not going to lie, I just laughed at my own joke. How corny is that? It’s not even funny either! Oh, the joys of being easily amused!

Shout out to my amazing husband though who has waited on me hand and foot the past few days (he even cleaned the house and did some honey do’s!) He thought I was easily aggravated when I was hungry? Well, I wish he didn’t see the way I could get if I was sick, hungry AND bed ridden! **sigh**

Putting up our new lights finally!

1.2012 Mom and I went to one of Paul’s games in a tournament over break. Brutal game but it was fun to go and support my baby brother!!

3 pointer :)

1.7.2011 My dad threw a ping-pong tourney at their house, and since no girls were allowed, mom and I went to see ‘War Horse’; we were both impressed. You know how when you want a dog you ask for a horse? When you want a horse what do you ask for? Because now I want a horse or at least pet one. Did you know I haven’t pet a horse since 4th grade?  Just haven’t had the opportunity to. Weird right? I live in Texas where EVERYONE has a horse!

We took our table over so they'd have 2 games going on at once :)

Ryan working hard!

Since no one would let me around food, I went outside and took pictures :)

Other than having ‘Ugly Betty’ marathons and what’s posted, 2012 year has pretty much taken place in bed. Can’t wait to get 100% better and watch Miss Chloie again!!!


One Response to ““‘Tis healthy to be sick sometimes” -Henry David Thoreau”

  1. mooremom523 January 10, 2012 at 10:02 pm #

    Thanks for stopping by my site! Looks like you are super busy! You have great pictures! I especially love the fire one.

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