Merry Christmas!

25 Dec


How is everyone enjoying their holidays? Ryan and I have had a very hectic but very fun past few days!

Yesterday, we went to our Christmas Eve service which included Christmas carols, candle light service and fellowship. After having scentsys for so long, I wasn’t too keen on holding a candle with FIRE on the end, but I didn’t burn the building down, so that’s good news, right?

We then went over to my family’s house for Christmas dinner and boy was it good! There is nothing like the traditional dinner with Ham, twice baked potatoes, green bean casserole etc. Yumm!

Do you think he was hungry??

As tradition continues on, we were each allowed to open one gift, and guess what my husband bought me??? A D90 NIKON DSLR CAMERA! Have I mentioned that I have the best husband in the world? Well, I do!!

That then started this:

My weird parents whom I love so very much!!

I love my family!

Ryan and I slept for the first time in my childhood room (now, my brother’s). Before Ryan, I had never had any boyfriend in my room before. Now, we were sleeping in there with my parents in the room next door! Weird. That mixed with us not sleeping in our own bed and it being Christmas eve caused for a very sleepless night. I was waking up every 30 minutes or so and after four am, I was up for good. I read a book, played with my camera, counted sheep and made up a grocery list before finally falling back asleep two hours later. I should have known to set an alarm for seven, but my brothers swore up and down that they would wake up on time. I glanced at my clock at seven-thirty, and guess what time it was? 7:30. You better believe I was freaking out! We were already going to be pressed for time if we woke up at 7. That’s why I don’t have too many pictures from this morning :( We woke everyone up though, and we were opening presents by 7:45. Both Ryan and I got so many cool things! I bought Ryan the series of King of Queens, and I think I am more excited to watch the show than he is haha. So, I bought him that, some clothes, a head massager and a couple of other things and he bought me some clothes and slippers :) From everyone else though, among other things, Ryan got a squirrel shooting thing, pj pants, laptop desk and stuff and I got a body pillow (heck yes!), clothes and kinect mat. Very exciting!

My mom also made us some stockings with our names on them and they are beautiful! She even bought us some extra material so she can make some when we have kids. Oh great, now I’m getting teary eyed because of baby fever -_- Who knows, maybe next year this time we could have a little one :)

After presents, Ryan and the boys went out shooting, I went to shower and pack up our things, and mom made us a yummy breakfast with omelets and cinnamon rolls! My parents and brothers started talking about how the dogs woke them up around 4, and guess what? That was me. Since I was wide awake, I went to see if there was snow. Since I couldn’t see anything, I got a flashlight to shine outside which backfired big time! It just bounced off the window and blinded me! ha! It woke up th dogs which in turn woke up everyone else! lol We left a little late there (okay, well 30 minutes late) which stressed me out. No one really seemed to be upset though once we came to Rick and Diane’s, so that was a huge relief!

We didn’t do it like last year, where we opened them one at a time. Instead, we just all kind of opened them at the same time.

Throughout the day, we were given so many wonderful presents!

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting them, but even better is being able to spend time with family :)

This has been a great Christmas :)

Now, let’s talk about food- Our gourmet seafood Christmas dinner to be exact!

I dare you, say all that doesn’t look good!

I may have possibly filled my plate too high…whoops :/

Everyone was completely satisfied with their meal!

His eyes were seriously closed in EVERY picture! haha

Hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas!! From the looks of it, Ryan and I are headed to bed :)


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