It’s the Eve of Christmas Eve! Say wha??

23 Dec

I am so excited for Christmas! Eek!  I’ve spent the morning sorting through gifts to take to different places, drinking peppermint hot coco and watching One Tree Hill. Granted, I could have been watching something more Christmas-y, but I’m going to save that for tonight :)

Ryan was able to come home early from work (Have I mentioned yet how I love him being on salary and no one needing their heater fixed??) so we went out shooting :)

Like my hat? LOL

Yesterday, Taylor and Raf came in for Christmas!

We had the whole afternoon planned out! We were supposed to pick up them up at the airport at 1:30, eat lunch and then take them to Rick and Diane’s. Shouldn’t we know that nothing ever goes as planned by now? haha. The plane was having “technical problems”, so their flight didn’t even come in until 3. Ryan and I had planned for holiday traffic, but between detours, construction, holiday traffic and car wrecks, we picked them up 30 minutes late -_- We decided to go to BJ’s Brewery for a late lunch and with THREE gps devices, we still missed our exit.

Do you like our detour?

We finally found the place and ate around 5, and boy were we hungry! I love BJ’s so much! Raf and Taylor even paid for our meals. How sweet was that? Thank you again, guys!

Taylor ordered a salad and the cabbage was shaped like a Texas Longhorn!

We left around 6, and then headed over to Rick and Diane’s for some family time. I felt left out not drinking, so I had some wine which I’ve decided I can’t stand it . Blech. I said I loved it, because I felt bad since it was already in my glass. Ryan took a sip and guessed right off the bat that I didn’t like it and drank most of it for me. I have a sweet hubby. ha! Anyways, I tried this stuff and it’s AHMAZING!

Ryan went to the liquor store once we left to buy me some and I asked him to get the green apple and peach depending on how much they were a piece. When I asked Diane if they were expensive, she said so so, so I was expecting about $40 a bottle. Yeah, well guess how much it is?? FIVE DOLLARS!! Heck yes!! I may become an alcoholic -_- kidding! haha Seriously though, I don’t think I’ve ever had alcohol so yummy!!

I don't know what is up with my hair! ha!

Ryan and I decided to let each other open one gift early from each other. He opened one of his worst presents just because I couldn’t figure out what it was and it was driving me insane; it was a coin sorter. He’s needed one for a while now, and I think I had more fun playing with it than him! Haha.

I opened a purple long sleeve shirt that I bought myself from Old Navy so I could have more skinn(ier) clothes!

I even did my makeup to match my shirt! Can you tell I’m wearing purple? I felt as if it were too much (I never waver from brown) but Ryan couldn’t even tell I was wearing makeup. Thanks, hun! haha

 Tomorrow starts the  second phase of the HCG diet! The first phase, I lost 25 pounds and I’ve kept off 20. At first I was really bummed that I gained some back, but then I read that it was expected. I want to lose 40 more pounds give or take. Ugh. I am so excited to be skinnier!


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