Was it this crazy last year???

19 Dec

Christmas is less than a week away?? When did this happen?? There is still so much that I want to do INCLUDING going Christmas Light looking, visiting the Ice Sculptures at the Gaylord  and Holiday in the Park at Six Flags! If we get one thing checked off the list, I’ll be a happy girl!

I’ve pretty much given up on having Ryan get all our Christmas decor from the attic, so this year our tree will be the only thing showing our Holiday spirit. On the upside, at least we won’t have to go out in the freezing cold and take everything down!

This month has been so busy that I haven’t had any time to sit down and write, let alone breathe. Was it this hectic last year? I don’t remember. I wanted this month to be stress free, so I had all my shopping done and presents wrapped before Thanksgiving. Crazy, right? Well, this month has been anything but stress free.

Christmas memories as a child are wonderful! Starting on the first of December, we would take down all our holiday decorations and start the Christmas countdown. My favorite one was a book that told us about the story of Jesus. Every night before bed, dad would read us an event from the story and Paul, Ryan and I would take turns putting the sticker where they went. I remember that I always wanted to put out the manger picture on which meant that I had to be the third one in the rotation, so I was being “nice” and let my brothers go ahead of me. They eventually all caught on as the years passed,  but I was glad that they let me keep my spot I had given myself :).  Afterwards, dad would bring us the Russel Stover chocolate box (with the writing of what the candies wrote inside) and we were all allowed to have ONE piece a day (we learned not to argue for more or you wouldn’t get your one piece ha!). When dad brought the chocolate around the following night, “Santa” magically refilled all the chocolate pieces we had eaten the night before. It actually took us a few years to figure out that dad bought a few packages haha. Good times! Are you allowed to open one gift Christmas Eve? We were and it took much skill to ten-year olds anyway. You had to pick a gift that would be amazing and hold you over until the next morning. I remember opening up clothes one time and my brothers opened an awesome lego set. I was a little jealous! haha. Christmas morning is a bit like clock work, and I’m excited Ryan (my husband) can be a part of it :)  My brothers will wake us up and we will all hang out together in their room bouncing off of walls trying to contain our excitement. When the clock marks 7, Ryan ( my brother) will rush to mom and dads room, wake them up and Christmas morning will officially begin. We will have to go back to the boy’ room while mom and dad get out the video camera and stuff, and when they are all set up, they let us know and we all head out to the living room. I can’t stand that they take pictures SO early in the morning, but I love them at the same time! Up until that morning, under the tree is presents from each other are there, but while we were asleep, Santa comes down the chimney and brings more gifts, so we don’t really see everything there until Christmas morning and dad has it all on tape. Its pretty sweet if you ask me :) **I know Santa isn’t real** That’s how I remember Christmas. Times filled with family, the birth of Jesus, singing Christmas songs, and eating good food! ha!

 This year I feel like I just want to cry. Remember back before Halloween I posted how I was aggravated because no one wanted to make Christmas plans so early? That’s finally come back to haunt me. I knew this year was going to be busy and since family comes first, I wanted to make sure I had everyone penciled in before we made different plans. Did anyone want to talk then? No, because it was too early. Did anyone want to talk at Thanksgiving? No, because it was too early. Everyone said for me to make plans and they’d be fine with it, but are they? No. Christmas is supposed to be fun and about celebrating the birth of Jesus. Instead, it’s a war with who gets who for what holiday.  That is why next year, I think Ryan and I are going to start our own family traditions. Just the two of us (and maybe our baby?- One can only hope)

Does your family open gifts one at a time and go around in a circle, or does everyone dive in? My family does either or BUT we are done within an hour or so. Not too big of a deal. Ryan’s family does it one at a time too and I know every family has their own traditions, but I’m stressing over this way more than I should be. With eight people last year, we spent 4 hours opening gifts. This year, we will have 11 people. I can’t sit and smile that long -_- For instance, last year I had someone get mad at me because I picked up my present when it wasn’t my turn. Excuse me, but I was so self-conscious about my weight that I didn’t want to bend down and get it when all eyes were on me. I think I know when I can open it, but you know what I did? I was the bigger person and said I’m sorry and put it down. Everyone thinks they can treat me like a little kid over there because I won’t stand up for myself something I am really trying to work on. I’m jealous of Ryan’s ability to easily put them in their place. Ryan was trying to teach me if they did it this year to say, “Calm down, I know when I can open my gifts. Do you want to call the gift police or here, why don’t you cuff me right now?” ha! If only I could do that. I’m working on it though.

I think I’ve officially made myself sick from being so worked up from the holidays.

Well, on another much happier note, my little brother has turned 18, finally! Want to know something funny? When I was his age, I was already dating my future husband. I think that’s weird haha

Pickle Posh Photography

As a child we used to always fight but I am so happy we are close now! I remember as a child I threw a cereal box at him; I don’t even know why because I don’t throw things in tantrums ha! Anyways, Paul went and told on me and I had to write a FULL page apology. To this day that letter still cracks me up! Something along the lines of: “My dearest, most favorite, brown headed, younger brother, I would like to take this time to apologize for throwing the brown cardboard, beauty and the beast, Cheerios box at you…blahblahblah.” Don’t you love reminiscing on good times??

We went to my brother’s basketball game against Aledo and it was actually a really good game! We thought it was going to be a beating, but Paul and his team did amazing and kept up! Lost by 10 points, but it was still a great game!

Everyone need a girls day?? Who doesn’t?? I actually need one again already!! ha!! I had some friends come over, and we enjoyed ourselves to a pajama and movie get together! It was fun :) We watched, ‘Miss Congeniality’, ‘Life as we know it’ and ‘White Chicks’.

I was sick the other day and asked Ryan to make me something…here is what he made me:

rice krispy treat, cheeze it and a slim jim sticking out -_-

Kailey, Chloie and I went out for some girl time one day and Chloie had us wore out! LOL

I wanted these shoes so bad but they wash out my skin, right? ugh.

I locked my house keys inside which also happens to have the keys to my car on it -_- Who does that?? Ha! Apparently, me!
The fish tank is starting to look colorful :)
Ryan took me to Cabalas so I could experience it for the first time. Not going to lie, it was pretty awesome!!!  I think I would have had more fun if I didn’t have to hide Ryan’s wallet! Kidding :)

I let him buy some bullets and stuff if he took me out to eat :) He did! We went to BJ’s brewery and had a wonderful date night!!
I did my grocery shopping at HEB to see the difference between prices there and Wal- Mart. I loved how organized they were and the curb side assistance, but I spent wayyyy too much money there. Not worth it.
Ryan doesn’t look too happy, huh?
We just arrived back at home from a weekend trip to visit Ryan’s mom and Allen. We had a blast! Walking along the bay, shooting guns, watching deer, sitting outside and of COURSE looking through baby books. He may kill me if he knows I’ve posted this, but look how darn cute he is!!!
We seriously had so much fun! It was a 6 hour drive away and Ryan drove the entire time. I don’t know why he wouldn’t let me drive -_- ha! Nah, you really have to watch out for deer and they were EVERYWHERE! Lisa and I spent most of our time on the back porch and talked the day away! It was really nice just because it was the first time we both felt as if we could really talk. The first time I met her we only had a few hours with her and I was still in high school about to take exams so my head was every where and the second time was at our wedding.

I realize that the gun I'm holding and the bullets don't match up lol

We woke up Saturday morning to find everyone up celebrating little Allen’s first deer kill. Pretty gross, right?
Then we went out to the bay looking at fish, saw shrimp boats, and having fun :)
Bathroom anyone?
As a Christmas gift, they took us out to eat at this delicious seafood place. I suggested sea food, but I couldn’t decide what I wanted! I was finally talked into stuffed flounder with crab meat inside! Yum! I just wasn’t too keen about seeing the eyes looking at me -_- Anyways, the price said ‘market price’ but Lisa assured me it would be okay since it was our gift. When I went to order, they told me not only did they have some BUT it was $38! Are you kidding me?? Ohmygoodness!! I ended up getting chicken fried steak instead! Yumm! Allen has a shellfish allergy though, and his catfish was fried with it, so I traded him my meal so he could eat. I probably won’t ever get cat-fish again, but I felt good knowing he wouldn’t burst into bumps everywhere and have to be rushed to the hospital :(
Definitely had a fun time and can’t wait to go back!! Thank you again, Allen and Lisa for everything!!

One Response to “Was it this crazy last year???”

  1. Jennifer December 19, 2011 at 11:39 pm #

    I was starting to wonder if you were still alive lol. Great post as always! Glad to see you’re doing well, and don’t worry, just remember that Jesus is the reason for the season :) I love you!

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