What life is all about!

28 Nov

Between visiting with family for Thanksgiving (with no drama!), seeing my bestie, hanging out with friends, shopping until we dropped for Black Friday, and having an amazing time with Ryan, I can honestly say this has been one of the best weeks, ever!

**Warning: Be prepared of picture overload!**

Sunday night, Ryan and I hung out with Cody, Michelle and Miss Chloie at their church’s Thanksgiving feast.

Chloie and her daddy :)

I guess Miss Chloie wasn't too happy about taking a family picture :(

Thanks for waiting on me, sweetie! ...I think he was a bit cold! ha!

Look how red we are! Yeah, like I said, it was pretty darn cold!

I wish we could have stayed longer to watch all the entertainment, but instead we ended up eating frozen yogurt and playing games at the Walter’s by the fire :)

Stephanie, Katie and I!

Eating their fro yo!

Mine! Yumm! I have figured out that I don't like blackberries...too tart! ha!

Bestie and I together at last!

Our INTENSE game of ‘Taboo’!

Since Ryan had to work the next day, we had to cut the night short from there too. I’m just glad we had a fun night!

The next morning, I went to pick Stephanie up and we had our girls day! It’s a tradition filled with getting our nails done, whataburger and hanging out and catching up!

getting ready :)


Whataburger fix!

Buying dinner supplies at HEB and had to stop and take a picture with Miss Turkey!

Slaving over dinner ;)

Final Product: Salad, Ziti and bruschetta! Yumm!

It was so good that dad made a surprise stop to eat some!

After dinner, we (meaning Stephanie) picked up the guitar and started singing when we thought we would record one for you! Here is winter song by Sara Barielles and Ingrid Michaelson! Enjoy!

I love you, Stephanie!

Finished up the night with face masks!

Tuesday, we met up with Kathleen and Brendon and enjoyed ourselves some Taco Tuesday!

Taco Tuesday with the girls!

Afterwards, Stephanie and I said our goodbye’s :(  She went to go see the newest Twilight with them, but since I am not into the vampire series, I decided to go Christmas shopping! Afterwards, I came home and enjoyed a lazy day with my sick hubby watching movies and eating chicken noodle soup.

Sick Ryan :(

See, its times like these when I am SO GLAD he is on salary! Business wasn’t too busy so he had most of the week off!

Wednesday, I decided to go get a table cover from Hobby Lobby, but I came back with Christmas decorations!

I spent SIX hours working on the tree! We had a pre lit tree and half the lights weren’t working, so I decided to snip them all off. Little did I know the lights are intertwined with the tree! Ugh! I still didn’t get to the bottom part! Oh well, next years project! ha!

Yes, I accidentally put up white lights on the tree...-_-

Thursday, we woke up early and watched the parade on TV, and then made our way to the in-laws! I enjoyed hanging out with the family talking and the best part was: NO FAMILY DRAMA! The food was delicious but the sweet potato soufflé was downright AMAZING!

We left around 2 with no spare room in our stomach’s and caught my parents right as they were bringing all the food over to our house! For some reason I thought we were going to eat around 6, but I guess I got confused :/ We had 2 Thanksgiving meals within 2 hours apart! haha Everything was wonderful and it was a nice time to enjoy the company of the Fiscus’, Blair’s and Luke’s!

Ryan and I spared the house, Mom and Dad cooked, and the boys did dishes! haha

First fire of the...well...first fire since I've lived here! ha!

Happy Thanksgiving 2011!

Tired -_-

We BEGGED my dad to open his gift early, because we were just too excited to give it to him!

He said he was glad he opened it now before all the squirrels hibernate! Yeah, I played it off like I knew that :/ ha!

We got him a .22 cal air rifle that’s flippin’ sweet!

Mom spent the night and we each got an hour of sleep before we tackled Black Friday! It’s a tradition! We were going to go out later, but between holiday plans and sales we went out early! First, we hit up Kohls and the line was ENTIRELY too long! We went back around 5ish and there was no one in sight, BUT all door busters were still there! SCORE! Line’s seriously weren’t bad at all! I don’t think we waited more than 30 minutes in line (if that!). Wait, I take that back. We did wait an hour in Old Navy! It was so worth going out and spending time with my mom! Plus, ALL my Christmas shopping is done!


Literally shopped till we dropped!

Everything is wrapped and under the tree!

I can’t wait for everyone to open their gifts! 

After an hour power nap from our black friday shopping, we headed down to Corsicana, for yet ANOTHER Thanksgiving feast!! Ryan stayed up with the guys for a Battlefield/ Beer/ Boys nap and I passed out at 7! Well, I read a book first, but that is beside the point!

We woke up the next day to head over to Ron and Aubyn’s.

It smelt so yummy!

Chelsea and I watching our men talk about guns!

For about 20 people there were THREE turkeys! Whoa! There was a regular one, a jalapeño one and a fried one! YUMM! I have never heard of fried turkey before, but it was delicious and super healthy! Afterwards, we all hung out (well, I fell asleep :/) and then watched ‘Saving Private Ryan’. I’ve never seen it before, but it was a well put together movie! Most movies make war look so easy, but it’s not, and I know I don’t personally thank our veterans enough for serving our country. Something I am going to start doing more often!


Three year old Karley was looking out the window and then went to Ashley's purse and took out a diaper. When Ashley told her to put it back in her purse, Karley said: "But I'm soaking wet, mom!!' Maybe you had to be there but I couldn't stop laughing!

After going back to Josh’s and getting a good nights sleep, we ran to see an old friend and then made our way to Jeff’s house to shoot guns.

DIY head wrap because I was so flipping cold!!


We had someone try to break in a few months back, so we went out and bought a pistol. I’ve never used it before so I wanted to try it out and know what  I was doing! Well, not only did I get to shoot the 9mm, but a few of Jeff’s too. He was in the army so he knows anything and everything about guns and he’s making a course on his property too. I wasn’t expecting to have too much fun, but I had a blast! I can do pistols pretty well now, but the long rifles, I can’t do too well with. I tried shooting clay…yeah, not a good idea! ha!

I made a bet with Ryan that he could get an AR if he bought me a kindle fire, another phone than my droid eris  AND kept up with his last promise  (He’d quit cold turkey on smoking once I hit a certain weight). I still feel as if I’m going to regret this! ha!

AR! I was able to shoot it before Ryan and it was pretty dang sweet!


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