The perks of dropping the lbs!

22 Nov

Since I was successful in dropping weight, my dad offered to take me shopping!! We had a blast and I got some really cute jeans and boots!!


These are the jeans, but I have to find a picture of the boots! hahaha

I am very thankful he took me out, but we have got to work on toning down the embarrassment! hehe

There is a new burritto place in town that is downright AMAZING!! Home made tortillas, brisket and egg...yumm!!!

We were in Sports Authority and dad says to stay put and he was going to run to the bathroom real quick. I fended off a few employees saying how i was just looking, but after 30 minutes passed, it was getting downright embarrassing. Heck, I was in the mouth guard area! ha! Anyways, 45 minutes later, dad comes to find me and says he's been out but got sidetracked by the TCU game! Thanks, dad! haha

Thursday, I cleaned all morning and then went to Starbucks for the Buy 1 get 1 holiday drink special! I THINK I got the pumpkin spice, but whatever I had was delicious!


I took the other one to my mom at school surprising her and then we went to the annual Stop n Shop at the middle school. They say it’s the 11th annual thing, but I’ve never heard of it before which is a bummer because it was so convenient! All these booths are set up from scentsy to homemade jewelry to baked goods! It was fun and I was able to get a few Christmas presents out-of-the-way!

Early Christmas present to me!

Thursday night, we then went to the Walter’s for a Thanksgiving potluck and played a few rounds of Taboo!



Little man helping dad out :)!


Look how much younger I look by pinning my hair back!


Miss Chloie being adorable :)


There is so much more to post, but I will update y’all with everything between a few posts because I am ready for a nap with my sick hubby :( Take care y’all! Expect another post tonight, but don’t hold me to it if I’m too wore out! ha!


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