Knots in my stomach because…of a haircut?

15 Nov

I’m REALLY bad at not going to get my hair cut every 3 months! When I lived with my parents, I went to a guy who’s done my hair since before I can remember. Long story short, he ended up going to work for himself and so I thought ALL haircuts were around $100! Insane, right? Contrary to the popular belief, I can’t just go to anyone to have my hair cut because I refuse to be a hairstylist’s first Asian haircut. We have thicker more coarse hair and it’s VERY easy to mess it up so this particular guy was the only one I trusted. Anyways, when Ryan and I first got married, we couldn’t afford $100 to just get a haircut so my hair kept growing and growing. Finally, I got sick of looking at split ends and gross, unhealthy hair, so I tried out my mother-in- laws salon. I’m not one of those people who cry when they see their hair chopped off, because after all, it is only hair; however, it’s kinda sad seeing it all go away :/

Long hair (Last year almost to this day). On a side note: It feels good to know I’ve lost some of that weight! ha!

For the third time, I donated over 14 inches to Locks of Love. Due to such a drastic cut, the lady doing my hair told me that she didn’t want to do anything too major in fear that I would wig out.

It’s a horrible picture, I know. I guess I don’t have too many pictures from when I first got it cut :/

So guess how long it’s been since I have had a hair cut? Yep, the picture above is from my last hair appointment.  Whoops. The good news is there are no split ends and my hair is still healthy! I just dread going to get it cut :/ This time it’s not because we can’t afford it but because I just haven’t found the right person to cut it. I have an appointment tomm. by a girl my mom says I’ve been to before but I don’t think so…. oh well, we shall see, right?

Here is my hair now taken from Sunday’s post.

At first I wanted to get it cut like this:

BUT I really like this:


But didn’t I have a haircut like ^^ before?

Is that TOO short of a haircut...?

Gosh, now do you see why I HATE going to get my haircut? I get stressed out way too easily.

What do YOU think I should do?

Decisions, Decisions

Today is a day to just admit really bad habits I guess. First admitting I go to the salon once a year and now I must admit my bad habit of ….not closing cabinets. Yes, you heard me right. If you come over and I am in the middle of cooking, more than likely you will see every cabinet door open. After I’m done eating, I’ll clean up dishes and close all the cabinet doors but it drives Ryan insane that I can’t remember to close them right away. How sad is that?? I’ve seriously struggled with this for YEARS! Well, last night as soon as I heard Ryan’s yell coming from the bathroom, I knew I forgot to close the cabinet above the toilet :/


I’m sorry, sweetie! :/ It’s a pretty deep wound :(…. Good news is that not one cabinet has been left open today if that counts for anything…:)

To make up for it, I let him pick what was for dinner. This is what he had:

Pizza roll ups

Puppy Chow!

I’m going to go make some tea so peace out, y’all and wish me luck tomm! (oh, gosh. I just got knots in my stomach again -_-)


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