Birthday bash!

30 Oct

Friday, my husband turned 25! Whaaaa??? Is that not insane?? Happy Birthday, babe!

He had to work since his dad was out-of-town, so I spent my day with another birthday girl! MISS CHLOIE TURNED TWO!!!!!

Michelle and I spent the day decorating and baking for her party! We even took her to Chick-fil-a so she could have her chicken, french fries and ketchup! haha

Prepping for the cupcakes!


Are these not adorable??

Chloie found the lotion while we were baking...

she was a mess! haha

Birthday girl and miss piggy! Aren't you allowed to have a sugar rush at 10am on a day that comes around once a year?? I think so!!

Boogers entertaining us on our way to chick fil a!

I left around 6, but there was still so many decorations and stuff that needed to be done. I took some stuff home with me and told them I would do it depending on how well the Rangers played that for the 7th game in the world series! Yeah… I love my  Ranger’s, but that was a pathetic and boring game! After game 6 (when they were 1 strike from winning 2x) I thought they would be in it to win it for the 7th game. No such luck -_-

The game was so interesting that mom and dad fell asleep! haha

We already planned to celebrate Ryan’s birthday Saturday since he had to work. What we didn’t expect was that he would be given half the day off…:( Oh well, we still had fun! We were able to sleep in a bit on Saturday, then made our way back to Michelle’s to keep setting up for boogers birthday party!

She helped me blow up balloons!

Ryan hard at work!

Outside :)

Food Table :)

View from upstairs

The final product! We waited until last-minute to start on the cake..bad idea! We had an hour until the people started arriving, so I had to make the barn area fast! Good thing she cooked it Friday night! All I had to do was put it together, but still, it took a long time! Chloie did help me with the roof :) I'm pretty darn proud of myself with the time I had! Hey you have to start somewhere, right?

Cow? Moo!

Is this a nervous face or what?? How cute is she though!!

Friends :)


Story telling time!

The Fiscus' gift to miss Chloie!

 They saved the best present for last!

"...Did you just say I have to share my toys??"

Congratulations, y’all!

After her party, Ryan and I made our way to Six Flags for some good ‘ol fashioned fun! We bought season tickets and a parking pass so we better make it worth it! ha! There were so many black highschool kids everywhere, which I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t take every stereotype and try to match it perfectly. The guys all have combs in their hair, chains around their neck, pants hanging to their knees, cussing like a pirate and talking ‘ghetto’. The girls all have SKIN tight clothing on, hoops in their ears which I’m sure a baseball could fit through and hanging all over their ‘boo’s’. I am not racist by any means, but ohmygoodness! Just because you’re black doesn’t mean you have to try to fit in with everyone else. Sorry if I offended anyone, but I had to put that out there.

Anyways…An hour passed by fast just by parking in EGYPT, buying season passes and going through processing, getting our parking validated etc. We went straight for the Texas Giant, since neither of us have ridden it since it was rebuilt. After a 2 hour wait, we finally hopped on and took our seats at the very back. Normally, I don’t scream on rides. Nothing about them is scary to me and I love being high up…expect when I get stuck. Yes, it was 45 degrees outside and we are stuck up top for 10 minutes. I was wigging out. I know there is a pause before you go down the hill, but when you hear the ride stop yeah…

I was okay at first until Ryan starts cracking jokes. He finally got the hint I was scared to death when he sees tears so he stopped. I finally started to calm down; this 10 minutes had to be the slowest minutes of my life. Now, I’ve been stuck on the ride before, but not on a hill…HECK NO! Well, the guy in front of us turns around to see whats going on and says there is a guy coming up so I slowly start calming down…until he says he’s wearing a hard hat. I seriously felt as if my heart was going to jump right out of my chest! It was that bad! The guy finally makes the way up and tells us that someone accidentally pressed the ebrake. That’s no big deal so I calm down some more until the guys let me know that they tell everyone that so they don’t cause panic. Too late for that. Ryan’s trying to calm me down but I was freezing cold, chattering and tearing up all the same time when we feel the jerk of the ride start moving again. Imagine being scared to death for 5 minutes, then going down a 79 degree angle at 65 mph. Yeah, I was a bit scared :/ My worst fear is they wouldn’t tell you anything went wrong and just let us ride the coaster and fly off to our deaths -_- Yeah, we left afterwards and we’ll go back another time! Too busy! ha!

Then we went out for steaks and had a fun time celebrating his birthday! Happy birthday again, Ryan and Chloie! I love you both!


2 Responses to “Birthday bash!”

  1. Jennifer October 30, 2011 at 11:15 pm #

    What an adorable way to announce a new baby! Congrats!
    Super cute cake too!!
    Happy birthday Ryan and Chloie!!


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