Nothing to wear -_-

16 Oct

This morning, I spent THREE hours looking for something to wear in my closet -_- Is that not insane? I’m starting to be able to fit in clothes from high school; however, I have no shoes that fit perfectly. I knew I wanted to lose weight when I bought my flip-flops, tennis shoes and pink heels so I intentionally bought them a few sizes too small. Other than that, all my other heels are seriously too big for me by at least a half-inch. I want/ need to go shopping so bad, but I know it would be a complete waste -_- I even had an emergency skype session with my family early this morning hoping that the outfit I had on would match at least some match, but they nixed the idea :/

Please excuse the super awkward pose :/

When I looked at the weather report this morning at 6am,i t said it was 60* outside. I decided to wear jeans and a jacket BUT I forgot to look at the days forecast :( Needless to say, I was burning up later! ugh.

Do you like my slouch beanie?? I may throw it out because both Ryan and my dad seem to think it looks like a ‘hanging ball of yard on my head’. Thanks for you opinion, guys! haha

We arrived at church an hour late, but at least we went, right? It was great to see everyone! Afterwards, we went to the in-laws for a late lunch and the cowboys game.

Nothing like drinking some green tea after a filling lunch! mmm :)

sleepy hubby

Cowboys game :)

It was a good day to start the week! Makes it even better that I am planning our anniversary get away AND I found out Chlo boogers will be spending a week with us very soon while her parents go on vacay! Everyone is going to have so much fun!!


2 Responses to “Nothing to wear -_-”

  1. Jennifer October 17, 2011 at 7:11 am #

    Ugh. I’m sorry it was so hard to find an outfit, but I love the beanie! They’re men and don’t know what they’re talking about! Ha!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Jamie C. Baker October 18, 2011 at 11:58 am #

    I LOVE those shoes!!!

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