27 Sep

You know when you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Yesterday, that was me. Thank goodness Chloie was in a good mood :)!

She’s started doing the cutest face, ever! It’s where she stares off into the distance but her face is priceless! I tried to get a picture, but she stopped before I got it! haha

We did our daily walk around the block and had fun pointing at dogs and chasing squirrels along the way :) We also made the cutest, ‘I love you’, videos for her mom and dad!

How cute is she?? Then we went back and played with marbles! It was so funny! She stuffed them down her pj’s, and because there were so many it made her walk really slow and awkwardly. I couldn’t stop laughing! haha

As you can see, we were definitely having fun! I opened the back door, and accidentally set of the alarms. Joys, huh?

An hour and a half and two pieces of pizza later, we were finally ready for bath time! Remember when I mentioned earlier how she says my name like, Emoney? Well, I caught it on camera! I heard her singing at the top of her lungs so I went in to film but she saw me :(

Finally, it was nap time. I let her pick out a movie and she was knocked out within minutes! :)

To celebrate the Cowboys game that night, I put her in her little cheerleading outfit!! HOW CUTE IS SHE??!?!

Later, while I was sitting on the couch, she brought over a bunch of pillows and plopped right down :)

She’s defiantly a cutie patootie!

So, I see this huge white truck (I don’t know what kind, but like a u-haul) back into the drive way. I watch it for about 5 minutes before setting up all the alarms in the house. I grab Chloie nearby as well as my phone ready to call Michelle to see if she was expecting anyone. Right as I sit down, I hear the alarms go off. I jump up and here comes in Cody startled by the alarms. We start cracking up, or maybe it was my nervous laughter :) I told him next time he goes and buys a work truck, that he should warn me! haha. Good times :) I’m just glad we weren’t robbed!

After coming home, I decided to take a 20 minute nap before everyone came over for the game. Let me just say that I have NEVER not had an alarm go off. At night, I check it about 10 times (Ryan will say 20) over a period of 30 minutes. I want to make sure I wake up. I guess I was pretty angry when I set 5 (see that? FIVE) alarms on 3 different devices with everything turned up full volume and not ONE of them went off. Well, okay, maybe they did but I didn’t hear  it. Just, in 4 years never missing an alarm seems  weird I would have 3 missed. Yes, I was pretty aggravated -_-

After I had time to cool down, we were good. We had pizza and watched the game :) Halfway through I decided to make a rainbow cake in a jar (thanks, Pinterest…again!). It actually tasted a lot better than it looks :)

Evidently, I filled them up more than they were supposed to be. Whoops ;/

…and I melted the icing because I put it in the microwave too long :(

Turned out yummy all together though :)

All together a successful day even though I had to clean up my 25 year old husband as he spilled icing on his shirt -_-


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