NEW IMAC makes 2!

16 Sep

I’ve really slacked on doing anything productive lately and that is going to be fixed today!

Yesterday was such an easy and relaxed day! I picked miss Chloie up at 10 which allowed me to sleep in some which was lovely! When we arrived back at the house it was so beautiful outside that we went for a walk around the neighborhood stopping for a rock throwing contest, singing to the horses, and playing chase! We defiantly had fun!

Afterwards we came back and had some pizza! It was so cute because Chloie will actually run to Ryan now SAYING HIS NAME (which is a first) and give him high fives. It’s seriously the cutest thing, ever!

Normally after we eat we relax and watch a movie and then she falls asleep for an hour and a half. Well, instead of me putting her down, she crawled onto the couch pulling up the covers and said ‘night, night’. That’s not even the best part! Guess how long she slept?? THREE and a half hours! Is that not insane??

She had some major bed head! hahaha

Her dad came and picked her up at 4 like I asked because I had to go with my dad to meet someone. My parents have been looking for a new computer and I told them I would look on craigslist. Since I got a mac a few weeks ago, I got them hooked and told them I would look out for another one. Well, I came across a good deal and emailed the guy. We were about to set up a place to meet when I found a better deal for a lower price. We met up with him and I had some computer jealousy; It’s beautiful! I convinced my dad to switch with me! Well, maybe it took a c-note BUT what matters is I have a prettier computer! Not that the other was is ugly by any means, but this one is black and grey while the other one is white. Everything is virtually the same  except this one is a tad newer and comes with a wireless keyboard and remote. Mine has an actual desktop mac keyboard so the letters are bulkier which I hate. It’s not too much fun to switch between raised keys and a laptop board, you know??

I did feel pretty guilty at first. The man who sold us this computer had it on sale for x amount and because I am a bargainer, I offered him $100 less thinking we would meet in the middle. He told me that’s fine and I almost thought it was a deal too good to be true but now that I’ve been messing with it, it just seems amazing! When we met up with him, I can see why he said it was fine. He reminds me so much of my ex that it’s unreal. I think he needed the money, so anything we offered he would take it because he wanted to avoid confrontation.  He was so nervous, but I would have been too! It was 3 of us ( dad, Ryan and I) and one of him; I always bring someone with me!  Anyways, I told my dad if he wanted to he could resell the computer and make a little money and just be on the lookout again, but he didn’t want to do that, because like I said they need a new compute . So I felt guilty at first taking the computer at so little and then I felt bad again because I took it from my dad only giving him $100 more because I know it’s worth more; in my defense I did explain that to him!

I kept both computers over night so I could transfer all my files and now I am ALMOST done. Just a few more hours of transferring, which isn’t long seeing how they’ve been downloading since 11pm last night -_-


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