Long Weekend :)

12 Sep

This past weekend didn’t seem to fly by like it normally does :) I’ll take that any day!

I would love to say we slept in early on Saturday but Ryan went to a golf game which teed off at 8am! I’m thinking having Cody and Ryan meet was a bad idea seeing how Cody is stealing away my husband! kidding :) He called Ryan the other day and right after Ryan said hello, Cody screamed, ‘Airplane!’. That was just in case Ryan forgot about their airplane infatuation, which he has not -_- ha!

Ryan and Cody at their finest :) ha! They are such dorks :)

He was away until about 3, but I actually enjoyed the time to myself and caught up on SLEEPING, reading, cleaning and laundry!

I was up until 4am on Friday night because my mind was RACING! I have decided that I wanted to start the HCG diet but I was trying to determine when. I either can start now and be done before Ryan’s birthday, but not really eat for Thanksgiving or Christmas OR keep eating healthier and exercising and if I don’t lose the weight by Christmas, use that as my gorging day and start the day after. According to my calendar I can start in a couple of weeks. I don’t know exactly how much I want to lose yet, but depending on that I will do 2 or 3 phases with a few weeks in between. I am trying to plan around birthday, anniversary and holidays! ha! Im successfully losing weight with eating healthier and exercising now, but the end of the tunnel doesn’t seem to be near.

Back to why my mind was racing. I was reading articles on how it can make women more fertile and started freaking out. I want children, but when I really started thinking about everything I was so overwhelmed. What if I did get pregnant while on HCG? After the phases, you slowly bring back foods because you could bounce back FAST. Well, if I didn’t know I was pregnant until phase 1 was over, I would have lost 15-30 pounds. I couldn’t continue on with phase two, so that  15-30 pounds I lost would come back AND I’d probably gain more too. See, isn’t this overwhelming to think about? Ha! I’m already starting to freak out again! *breath*. If I do lose this extra poundage, I think I want to put off babies a while. At least until after my 3rd phase and I have eased into eating regular food again! ha!

What if I did get pregnant during the diet though? I mentally decorated the spare room, baby proofed and  reorganized the house etc. Then after my little anxiety attack I had baby fever again -_- *sigh*

Anyways…when he got home, we took a nap together and then headed to my parents house for daddy’s birthday celebration.

We had wonderful family time and ended the night with a homemade cheesecake (yum!) and presents :)

He was talking the other day about wanting his clubs extended and a new outfit, so we looked into the clubs first because we thought that would be a wonderful gift. We called someone and when they told us it would be about $60 per club (he has 14), we decided that he could wait a while. haha! So we are going to take him to Academy and buy him a new outfit :) Hopefully, we will have better luck than we did when we bought Ryan’s!

Sunday celebrated 10 years since the attack on the world trade centers. Did you miss my post? Read it here. We woke up early and participated in taking the moment of silence for the men and women who died because of 9/11. NBC aired a special, ‘Remember America’, which reminded Ryan and I just how horrific that day really was. It’s sad that we have to have something so tragic happen to remember to pray for the men and women who have fought/ are fighting for our FREEDOM. I know I don’t say it enough, so thank you.

At 1, Ryan left for ANOTHER golf tourney an hour away. I had planned on going grocery shopping; however that changed when I heard the couch and t.v calling my name! hehe

He got back around 8 and  he offered to take me out for a nice little night, but I just wanted to cuddle and eat dinner together :) Wonderful night!

Miss Chloie and I had so much fun today! She didn’t cry at all when I got her, nor asked about her mommy and daddy while she was here!

Look at this face she made because the sun was in her eyes! lol

YAY! We had so much fun today that I lost track of time -_- We played chase, hide and go seek, play in the ‘go- go’ and bubbles :)

She happily moved all our crayons into her cup holder in her go-go, and then moved them plus my book and magazine into the carrier cart thing!

After lunch, I came to the office so we could pick out something to watch on netflix and fall asleep during. Ever wondered what it’s like to pick out a movie with her that we both agree on? ha!

Even if you don’t watch the whole thing, at least fast forward until 1:50. She is such a sweet pea! lol

We fell asleep around 3 and when Michelle texted me at 4 and asked if we could meet her at 5, I rushed to wake up Chloie, gave her a quick bath and headed her way! I always feel bad for waking up Chloie, but I kept her from crying by telling her we were getting pretty for mommy and daddy! That always seems to work :)

We had a fun time, but I’m now ready for dinner and some Prison Break! HECK YES!


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