Afternoon in the park

8 Sep

We went to dinner last night and had homemade fettuccine Alfredo! Hate to break it to you, but my parents’ make it the best! hehe. I’ve never tried to make it, because it’s too many ingredients to throw most of it away, seeing how we don’t eat leftovers, but I would love to try! We had fun catching up (even though we just saw each other monday, ha!), but I  loved spending time with them anyways! Okay, I have the funniest ‘awkward’ award story of the night, although you might have had to be there. Well, I was REALLY tired (at 8:30 -_-) when we were going to leave, so as a joke I asked Ryan to carry me out. He would have obliged, but I stopped him and this is what he said: ‘I can pick you up. I do all the time when I am tossing you around in bed.’…um, AWKWARD! Especially since my mom was right there. I’m glad the lights were out because I would have busted out laughing! What he meant was when we wrestle or have tickle fights, but still. The way it came out was hilarious! We had a good night :)

Today, Chloie and I enjoyed this weather and spent the morning at the park playing around. We defiantly had a lot of fun!

The light was so bright, so I just pointed and clicked. Turns out, I love this picture!

We were so tired afterwards we ate and went straight to sleep! Do you think I wore her out??

Our ‘just woke up from a nap’ typical picture :)

Ryan is now golfing with my dad and I’m at home relaxing watching youtube covers. You know when you find a really good artist or song and everything about them just makes you smile? I love that feeling!

Here are some of my favorite I am watching now!!

Tyler Ward

Boyce Avenue

I’m actually contemplating seeing them in Dallas! haha

Kina Grannis and David Choi

Oh, look! Here is Boyce Avenue and Kina Grannis! haha


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