Pent up energy

7 Sep

Sometimes I think Cody and Michelle give this little munchkin sugar before they send her my way in the morning! haha

Yesterday I never knew a child could bounce off of so many walls! We played non stop coloring, playing with chalk, having a race, etc. until 2. Man, this little girl knows how to wear me out!

(she is the one who wanted to sit in my car! haha)

By then I had decided it was nap time and since I have heard that a bath will calm them down, I thought that was a perfect idea, right?? WRONG! That gave her even MORE energy!

She finally went to sleep and the time she woke up it was time to take her to her parents!

We were halfway there when Michelle called to tell us she would be late, so we went to one of Ryan’s customers house (the one we sold the light too) because the light was too big AND because she wanted Ryan to see her new tank. ! They had grandchildren, so Chloie and I played with all kinds of toys while he talked to her and her husband. They seem so sweet! We finally left and dropped of Miss Chloie and on our way back decided to get…Taco Tuesday! YUMM! Afterwards we came home and maxed and relaxed! It was a wonderful way to end a long day!

Today has been fun, but she has just as much energy if not more than yesterday!
This was what she did when she first got in my car! What a cutie!!
Then, we went back to my house where she bounced off the couches- literally! ha!
After some more playing around, lunch and a movie, she was finally down for the count!
I know you can’t really see, but look at her ‘nap hair’!
Have to go get ready to take her back to her mommy, so peace out!

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