Clean Car!

1 Sep

Don’t you just love the smell of a clean car? I finally cleaned my car, so lets see how long I can keep it like this! I don’t mind keeping it picked up, but once it gets really dirty (i.e Chloie’s muffins and dropped food everywhere, Paul’s lego’s, clothes from who knows why etc. lol) I just keep putting it off until its filthy; I’m really bad at procrastinating -_-

I went straight to working on cleaning it up when I got home so I didn’t have to be out there in the heat of the day! You know how it goes when you have a kid- You clean up and the child messes it right back up? right? ha! Don’t you just LOVE gum in your cd player??

She had fun though!

While it gets on her parents nerves, I don’t mind watching Spongebob with Chloie. It’s Blues Clues that makes me want to pull out my hair (well, aside from singing the songs! ha!). A while back she decided Blues Clues was her favorite show until she saw it on my ‘recently watched’  listtoday. Good news Michelle and Cody, Chloie likes ‘Bob Bob’ again!!

We colored some more but I wonder if this thing will ever get finished!! haha

I LOVE movie and snuggle time…

….until she gets the toots and I have to send her to the other couch!! haha

After a nature hike, playing with the dogs next door and playing chase, she wore me out!

When Ryan came home for lunch she ran to him and gave him a high 5! That’s major, because normally she just stands there because she is so shy! hehe

Then we took a… TWO AND A HALF HOUR NAP! Oh, my! How did she sleep so much?! haha

After a bath, I let her pick out her outfit and she chose her ‘who who’ pink one! Too cute!! I tried to get a picture but she wouldn’t stop moving :(

Waiting for mommy!!

Afterward I went to Albertson’s to get a few things for dinner at my parents house and I wish mom would have asked me BEFORE I left so I could at least change outfits! ha! I wore Ryan’s flip flops, purple shorts and a free pop tart shirt my dad gave me for turning in box tops or something like that lol.

Yeah, I looked like a real winner -_-

We are now at my parents house for our weekly dinner and we just had AMAZING taco salad with homeade tameles! YUMMMMM!!




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