My name is Chloie, and I’m a Mike and Ike candy addict.

31 Aug

A few days ago, I did a big grocery shopping trip but had to go to Target yesterday to pick up some things I forgot. Well, turns out I STILL forgot stuff, so today we made our way to Wal- Mart where I think I FINALLY have everything!

I was in and out pretty fast but not before Chloie saw Mike and Ikes!! She is so cute, because she would not let them go!! Seriously, see if you can spot them in (almost) every picture :)

This morning, we watched an episode of Blues Clues while she ate her sausage biscuit and….ketchup (Yuck!)

She had to go potty but no matter what I did, she wouldn’t let me take away her Mike and Ikes!

We colored and made a mess (please excuse the horrible clutter!!! HA!)

After lunch we took a nap and look what is beside her hand as she fell asleep!

I gave her a bath and then we had fun taking pictures in the mirror!

We had fun playing games and chilling out! She has this sticker book that she loves!

Today actually went by pretty fast! Then we went to meet up with her mommy and daddy and while we were waiting, we tried to chase some birds, but when they flew away we played with grass instead! ha!

It’s almost 9, and I’m now ready for Ryan to get home so I can make dinner and go to bed! haha!

Yesterday night went by too fast for my liking :(

I took Chloie to meet up with her parents and took one of my favorite pictures of her :)!

Look how stactic-y (??) her hair is! haha

Ryan didn’t get home until 7, and then we had to run up to Best Buy to exchange out our dvd player we bought. It just wasn’t working right and it was the last day we could exchange it- or so I thought; We were actually a day late since August has 31 days in the month -_- They were nice enough to not only exchange it out without a restocking fee but also price match. It’s not shameful asking, because the worst they could say is no, right? The lady had to get her supervisor (remember, we were a day late) but they ended up doing it so we got a $40 gift card! HECK YES!

While we walking out, Ryan asks me why they had a spice rack there with no spices. I turned around, and guess what he was looking at?? A keurig cup holder! I seriously could not stop cracking up!

We left around 9, so instead of making something at home we just picked up some yummy chic-fil-a! This really is going to make me go broke with it only being a few minutes away :(



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