Fun Friday!!

27 Aug

I won’t really write too much and just post pictures from my phone because remember when I said my computer was on it’s last leg like a few weeks ago?? Yeah, I didn’t think it could get any worse but evidently my keyboard has a mind of it’s own! I typed a few paragraphs up, and then it deleted everything one letter at a time -_- Nice, huh? Yesterday Chloie and I had a blast!

We played,’Emily counts while Chloie ALWAYS hides in her playhouse‘ ‘hide and go seek’.

Putting the monkey to sleep before our nap time. No, I have no idea what the tissues are about but she insisted :)

Getting all pretty for mommy and daddy! Again, I have no idea.

We pampered ourselves to get us all pretty :) She didn’t quite understand the concept of being still to let her nails dry! haha. When I showed her how to blow on her nails and she got polish everywhere on her face!

All pretty!!

Playing in the pond waiting for mommy and daddy!

We had Michelle and Cody over for dinner, and I think Ryan has a new best friend! haha

Our conversation:

Me: So you had fun with them?

Ryan: Yeah, Cody and I are pretty much best friends now.

Me: Oh, you are?

Ryan: Yeah, he likes airplanes and I like airplanes and he likes golf and I like golf.

Me: It’s that simple for guys to be best friends??

Ryan: Yes. Since Cody has his pilots license can I get mine now too??

Here we go again! Thanks, Cody! haha

We played the kinect and neither Ryan nor Cody wanted their wives on their team. Thanks, guys! Ha! We had fun though!


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