Too big for McDonald’s playground -_-

25 Aug

Chloie and I just got back from a play date at McDonald’s with Virginia and Zadane and we are officially worn out! After 2 hours of chasing her around and many (many, many, many) potty breaks I think it’s officially time for a nap! Having Chloie around all the time has enabled me to get an inside look at the world of mommy hood ! As kids were playing around, these mothers were announcing to everyone better techniques to get pregnant, when they were ovulating etc. My head hurts! Ha! We had fun though :)

Oh, and I only got stuck once! YAY ME! -_-

She was super excited this morning as we left to go play!

This week has been eventful and going by pretty fast if I do say so myself!

Nothing worth mentioning happened on Monday besides the fact that I had the day off! If only I knew that the night before so I could make plans! ha! It was a nice lazy day though that I could just clean and catch up on laundry and such :)

Tuesday I baby sat Adysen all day.

I planned to go shopping with her in the early morning; however, as I was leaving I realized I locked myself out. My brother has my house key, so I had to go to the install Ryan was on and get his key. I didn’t want to chance him not being at home for lunch when I got back, and have all the cold meat and such melt in my car. Well, as I am talking to Ryan, he asks me out for lunch around noon and because I know shopping will take me 2 to 3 hours, I went to Target instead and bought some earrings and wasted time haha.

We went to Huddle House for lunch and Adysen was super excited to see her mommy! It was just too cute!

Okay, want to hear an embarrassing story?? First of all, since Danielle was talking about us in Huddle House, everyone (or so I believe) had their eyes on us and guess what…? My car wouldn’t start. I ran to Ryan’s work truck and told him he couldn’t leave because I was stuck and needed help. So, he takes his truck and pulls into the parking lot next door, gets the cables ready and tells me to start it up. I did and it didn’t turn on. Five minutes later, we are still trying and NOTHING is working! The keys wouldn’t even come out of the ignition. Ryan tells me to get out so he can get in and he starts it right away. Evidently, you can’t start a car while it’s in reverse -_- Talk about embarressing!!!

At this point, I am so embarrassed so I’m like, ‘Ryan kiss me and tell me you love me because I feel like I’m about to die! Ha!’ He did both but the kiss happened so fast that I barely had time to register it, and he told me if he did a good kiss, everyone would know he knows me! ha! I love my husband sooo much! haha

We then went back to my house for nap time and the afternoon went all too quickly. When Danielle came to pick her up, I mentioned I needed to go to Dollar Tree and since she did too we just met up there together. Yeah, me and a dollar store don’t really go together because I kinda go crazy buying stuff! lol

Since Adysen turned one on Wednesday and her party is Saturday, I decided to let her pick out her own presents :) She has a bouncy ball (which my husband has found very entertaining to play with and wants to me get him one! ha!), bubbles, ducks, blocks and some toys. I can’t believe she is already a year old! Man how time flies! haha

We had fun at Dollar Tree! haha

Since her husband wasn’t home yet, I convinced her to go to Wal Mart with me and going shopping! ha! She went on an adventure with me that my husband won’t even do! I didn’t coupon shop because Ryan wanted me home to feed him (ha!) but I did spend about $75 less than what I thought I would spend! YAY ME!

Yesterday I had Chloie at my house, and we had fun! We built a playhouse, played outside, rough housed with the dogs next door and then took a nap!

I left out some food thinking I would get it the next morning, but the ants found it first. At least I had good motivation to deep clean my kitchen, right?

Are you bored and want to check out our videos we made yesterday?? **Excuse me for looking like the biggest dork ever! haha**

We went to dinner at my parents house last night and although we didn’t stay late, we sure had fun! Dad made some pork chops, and we put salsa on top…mmmm!!

Dad’s snake eggs finally hatched!! I think there are like 10 and they are super cute!!

I was sitting at the island and dad gets something out and mom gets on to him and asks, ‘Why are you doing that right beside her?’. Of course I move and guess what he was doing? Taking out of the FREEZER baby mice. Doesn’t look as gross as when they are big, but still. They look more like baby pigs ha!

Anyways, so like I said we had an eventful week but I can’t wait for the weekend!! :)


3 Responses to “Too big for McDonald’s playground -_-”

  1. Jennifer August 25, 2011 at 7:01 pm #

    What kind of snakes does he have?

    • Emily August 26, 2011 at 12:42 am #

      They are just regular corn snakes. My dad is the kind of guy who keeps pillow cases in the car in case we happen to come across a snake in the road.Him and my brother have it down PERFECTLY on the ‘how to get a snake in the bag’ routine! haha
      He caught Rattles (the daddy) when I was in second grade by our house in Alabama and where we moved, Rattles moved :)
      He is such a good snake!!


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