“The creative adult is the child who has survived.”

22 Aug

Where did summer go?? I won’t be sitting the boys anymore since school has officially started, but I sure will miss them!

Remember the first day of the school year?? I enjoy not having the butterflies in my tummy and being nervous as all get out, but sometimes I miss the simplicity of being young and ignorant to the world around me.

High school had some very memorable moments:

**sigh** Why must we grow up??

Shout out to my two wonderful upperclassmen brothers, Paul and Ryan!

Enough with looking back and wishing for things to be more simple. Why not live life to the fullest?? That’s what I did this past week! haha

For some extra cash before school started, Paul watched the kids last week and do I feel sorry for him! Guess who else he had to watch: Chris number 1. Yes, remember him from one of my previous posts? The one who CLAPPED in my face to get my attention?? The day I brought the kids to my house, he was at Michelle’s and when he found out I couldn’t take him he threw a fit. Not just crying, but a full blown tantrum! I already geared up the boys to go to my house so I couldn’t stay there, and I didn’t have enough room to take him in my car. Man, but at least he made some extra cash watching him as well, right?

The week went by pretty fast but man oh man are my fingers killing me! I am learning to play guitar, and after 10 hours total playing time over the course of 3 days,  I am just now being able to not look at the guitar while playing. I don’t know many chords or any of that, I just want to teach myself a song buy yeah, I really should look into how to actually read chords and strumming patterns! haha

Friday my husband woke up to a massage and breakfast in bed. Am I a good wifey or what? Ha! I love my husband so much!! Eek!

My brother came over here that night to give me my check, and we decided that we should all go out for dinner. Well, Ryan is so hard to convince what place to eat at. Personally, I was craving Olive Garden, but he wanted Mexican food. When I asked him if it was because he wanted a good beer, he said yes, so I suggested BJ’s since they brew their own (as well as root beer!) Ha! You should have heard our conversation! Ryan doesn’t like change and when you ask him to change beers…ughhh! hahaha. I made him go anyways though because the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it!

Well, after an hour drive there and an hour wait, we were finally eating at 8. Come to find out, Ryan loves their beer. He even asked if he could buy bottles or a keg! haha. It was pretty good and went down smoothly (Yes, I may have snuck a drink) Okay, so I ordered the chicken Parmigiano, right? Guess what they bring me? The chicken parmesan. Why would they name something so close together? We still don’t know if I messed up or if the waiter did, but at least they made it right!

We had a really fun time, and ohmygoodness its impossible to get a good picture with Ryan!!! haha

Now, I know this is blurry, but at least he is laughing in it! haha

Afterwords, Ryan and Paul stayed up playing Call of Duty, and I went to the back and caught up on my Words with Friends games! ha! It’s insane! I have the maximum limit of games going on, and to think of a good word it normally takes me 5+ minutes on each game. At least I come up with good words and don’t lose! Yes, my husband is still the only one who can beat me -_- He takes A LONG time on each game though! I’m defiantly glad I have it on the computer though now because it’s a bigger screen! lol

Saturday was a long day! Ryan went golfing with my dad at 9, and they stayed out until 3. Dad said he shot his best game, but poor Ryan did really poorly :( At least they had fun though, right?

Then, we went to Steve and Melinda’s house for a yummy steak dinner at 5 and had a wonderful time!

Between gossiping, talking helicopters, playing with the babies, and baking pies, we all kind of lost track of time, and we ended up staying there until 2! Insane, right?  We all had a blast though!!

London and Gabrielle playing in their play zone

The babies being little cutie patooties and playing in the kitchen :)

Bath time!! Aren’t they just too cute for their own good?!

These babies love their grandma!!

Awe, I know this is blurry, but I love this picture!

We made some pies, but mine look horrible -_- I will blame it on that it was 11 at night when we started! haha Oh, and evidently I can’t cut pie either -_- It tasted soooo good though!

Sleepy London AND Sleepy Emily

Hungry Gabrielle!

I meant to get a picture of Ryan sleeping; however, look who else crept into the frame!! HAHA

Overall, we had a wonderful Saturday!! Thank you again Melinda and Steve who were so gracious to let us come over for the evening!

I would love to say we were very productive on Sunday, but I would be lying through my teeth. After having our devotional, we were laying down in the living room and I wanted to cuddle and watch a tv show. I turned on Netflix, and it is SO HARD for us to find something we both want to watch. I choose the sappy movies, while he chooses ‘How to build an airplane’ or something like that! ha! The only thing we can decide on is thrillers or comedy. Well, I just chose something real fast because I didn’t want to give Ryan time to think of something to do, and I ended up choosing ‘Prison Break’. I highly recommend this show to anyone who loves well thought out shows that have you on the edge of your seat the entire time. What started out as me wanting to watch a one hour show embarrassingly enough turned into a ….13 hour marathon…? How pathetic is that?! HA! Not once during the show has there been a slow moment! Sadly enough all my nails are gone because I bit them all off with the intensity of the show. That right there is even more pathetic -_-. Bad habit, I know, but now there is a great excuse for me to go to the nail salon, right??


2 Responses to ““The creative adult is the child who has survived.””

  1. Jennifer August 23, 2011 at 4:46 am #

    I love reading your posts! Glad you had a fun weekend and those kids are so cute!!!!!

    • Jamie C. Baker August 23, 2011 at 12:29 pm #

      Adorable pictures!!
      Also, I LOVE Prison Break! So much so that I got the Cute Poison tattoo. Obsessed much? :-)

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