I missed them.

16 Aug

These little munchkins sure are a handful! I have enjoyed my time off (although, I wish I wasn’t sick), but I was glad to see them again today :)

Chloie has her new show, ‘Blues Clues’, which she calls, ‘Ruff’. How stinkin’ cute is that?

Adam swam into the side of the pool while we were playing, ‘Categories’ :( Poor baby!

I turn away, and next thing I know Chloie is in her ‘go go’! haha

We played Monopoly again today, and I dominated! I refuse to believe it’s because I played with a 9 and 10-year-old! haha I even had to loan the bank 10 grand! Oh, if only it were real money **sigh**

Look how Chloie fell asleep! I don’t think I have ever been kicked in the face more than her hour nap :(

Words can’t describe how much I love this picture! Now, if only it weren’t blurry -_-

I don’t even know…

Overall, it was a successful day! Tomm. is going to be a pretty hectic day -_-

I will go pick up the kids and bring them back here, Sam will bring Adysen over, and then around 3, I will take the kids back and Paul will come over to watch Adysen until her mom picks her up.

Stressful day, but so worth it :)

I talked to Stephanie on the phone today and let me just say it’s been wayy too long :( I miss her so much, and I wish she weren’t all the way in L.A :(

I’m not going to post what’s going on, but please keep her in your prayers. God is testing her right now and she needs prayer to find inner peace.

I love you so much, Stephanie, and remember that God has a plan and purpose for everything even though it may be hard to see it right now!


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