Game night= success!

8 Aug

This past weekend was a success!

We woke up early Saturday and I went shopping for game night really early. By noon, I had the house cleaned, laundry done, groceries bought, and everything! It was wonderful!


That night, Randy came over, and we went to Miranda’s for some yummy mexican food! For 3 of us, it was $36 and Randy said he was buying. How sweet is he? Well the lady rings it for $26! That just goes to show when you do something nice, something nice will happen to you! ha!

Afterwards, we went to Famous Footwear where I bought some cute pink and black tennis shoes :)


Plus, because Ryan lost a bet to me, he had to buy me these too. Aren’t they cute??


We then made our way to Academy for some pool sticks.

I lost Ryan for a little bit, and guess where I found him?? The golf section. ha!
He bought this ball catcher thing for the back, and he’s having wayy too much fun with it!


Thanks to my brother and Josh, Ryan is now addicted to COD -_-


Game night was a success! Around 15 people ended up coming and between catchprase, pool and xbox everyone seemed like they had fun!!image
Kailey, you know I love you, but I had to post this. What the heck??

Today has been a good day! Remember how Chloie was sick? She must have been contagious, because the boys plus her parents all got sick too :( She seemed to be better today though!


We played with legos today, and here is little bits creation :)

Mine :) This is…uh oh…i forgot his name…anyways, this is his home! heheimage
Look how Chloie fell asleep! haha


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