Chloie Withdrawl

3 Aug

**I forgot to publish yesterday’s post, so here it is! Nice one, huh? -_-

Only watching the boys this past week has made me have a Chloie with drawl! I’ve missed my little monkey! Yes, she may be a little booger sometimes but how can you not love this little sweet face!?!

She went to Osh Kosh up north this past week and from pictures it looks like she sure had fun!

After leaving the boys’ house yesterday, Paul and I went to pick up my other brother from my parent’s house since they left for their anniversary get away.

Let me just say that I have the best parents in the ENTIRE world. I only hope that in 28 years (or 29? maybe even 30…wow. I am a bad daughter for not knowing! ha!) my marriage will be as wonderful as theirs. They have more love and laughter than so many couples now days, and even if I am half as happy as them, I will be content!

We made a trip over to HEB where we went shopping for groceries, but we just bought things for their stay. I still need to do my mass grocery shopping, but I don’t want to spend 3 hours at the store by myself so I have been procrastinating -_-

Mom gave Ryan her card so he could buy $20 worth of groceries, so I gave Ryan what I thought was $20 worth of stuff, and guess what?! It was $20 on the dot! That had me pretty excited :)! He didn’t know how to use the debit card thing, so Paul and I just started cracking up laughing and the register person got onto us for making fun of him! Wow. Then, we explained how we were siblings and mom and dad went on their ‘honeymoon’. Nice one, Emily! That brought on questions like: How long have they dated? How was the wedding? Is your mom or dad Asian? You know, the usual! Good times.

We went home and I started dinner right away. Making 3 big boys wait for dinner to be done is the longest. wait. ever. When will it be ready? I’m starving; I can’t tell you how many times I heard that question!

Last week, I asked the boys if they would mind if Paul and I switched back and forth. When I signed up for this, I thought I was babysitting Chloie for one day. That turned into 4 more kids and no sign of when I will be done. I don’t mind because I love them to death, but it would still be nice for me to have some time off. I am with these kids for more than 50 hours a week! lol It took a while for me to convince the boys, because they said they loved me too much and didn’t want to give anyone a chance. Well, that changed quickly when they found out how much more fun Paul is than me because he has a lego collection, how much taller he is, and because he plays baseball. Yeah, way to change sides, kiddos! ha! Gavin told me Little Bit asked him and their mother a bunch of times if Paul was going to sit them today because he misses him! haha. My brothers had their physicals today, but he will be back tomm. and hopefully take over a few days a week hereafter.

All the kids were wonderful as usual, but I am so stinkin’ exhausted!

Oh, guess what I had for breakfast for the first time in yearsssss…..?? Lucky Charms!! hehe

Ryan and I just got back from Rosa’s and they are always so busy on Tuesday! Imagine that? Ha! We had a fun time though :)

Now, we are about to watch a dinosaur show and then I’m going to hit the sack!

Good night, all!!


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