Too hot for baseball -_-

1 Aug

Yesterday afternoon, Ryan had his first customer which he sold salt water to. Not even did we sell it cheaper than stores, BUT it saves her about a 45 minute drive AND we still made money :) That’s nice! We even sold her our old light system. I envy my husband’s selling skills. When I did sales, if someone said no, I said, ‘okay, nice meeting you!’ I felt too bad to push. Granted, he didn’t push and she did need a new light,  but still. It’s not easy selling things.  

Ryan and I made our way to the in-laws for a wonderful brisket dinner. They bought a pre baked brisket from Sam’s for $35 and only had to heat it up, and let me tell you: That had to be at the top of my list for tastiest brisket! Plus, it’s not that expensive either seeing how 5 people didn’t even eat 1/2 of it. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy.

Look how cute this is!

I’m not gonna lie- I’m pretty excited about shark week. Grandma and I watched some and I’m not sure if she liked it too much, but I did!

We left rather early so we could have some relaxing in the comfort of our own home before the weekend was over. After showering and all that good stuff, Ryan and I layed in bed and we watched Super Copter (yes, I remember that name because Ryan repeated it so many times! ha!) which was actually pretty interesting, along with The Manhattan Project. Turns out, if I was in the mood for a comedy, I shouldn’t have shown Ryan the history channel section on netflix! lol

Well, Paul came to work with me this morning (back at the boys’ house) because I wanted to show him the ropes and what not. Chloie and her family had a family day, so he will come again with me on Wednesday so I can show him Choie’s routine.

When I arrived at 7:20, the boys were actually pretty chill. Normally, they are already bouncing off of walls! Crazy, I know! We went to QT to get drinks for everyone and then we had a picnic and baseball match at the park. After about 30 minutes, the heat was getting really bad and Adam looked exhausted, so our outing was cut short. It’s just too hot with this Texas weather to be out and about. We had fun while it lasted though!

Now they are all relaxing and watching cartoons :)


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