Weekend Yet?

29 Jul

Yesterday didn’t quite go as planned.

Due to pipes breaking at Michelle’s work, her and her husband didn’t get home until 8. I feel so bad because yesterday was the one day they wanted to get home early so they could pack for their vacation this happens.

I missed our weekly dinner at the parents house because I wouldn’t even get there for another hour plus  Paul was over at our house, so I told Ryan to go with him for dinner because I was running really late, and Paul had to come back over anyways.

It was nice not being in a hurry. I stopped at McDonald’s to get a drink because I was so thirsty, and then I stopped at Target to get some reading material and boy am I glad I did. No one was home when I arrived here, so I showered, did some laundry and then cleaned the house. It was nice to have some time alone even if I was doing chores.

Ryan and Paul brought me left over enchiladas when they came home and I ate them right up. Well, mostly. Turns out watching kids gives you exercise (running up and down stairs all the time), takes away my apetite, and makes me thirsty (all. the. time).

So I tried to do a nice thing and hand Ryan the fish food, but somehow I was so  tired that I just dropped it on accident so we had salt water and worms go everywhere in our kitchen -_-. Joys, right? Ha!

I didn’t sleep again last night and it’s getting tiring real fast! I didn’t have an address to the boys house, just verbal instructions, so I gave myself some extra time which ended up not being needed at all. I arrived here at 6:40 and that is way too early to start the day! At least it’s not like Lifetouch where I had to wake up at 3am! ha!

Little Bit is so hard to get to take a nap! I normally have to stay by him to get him to go to sleep but after that he is good. So anyways, after lunch we watched Kung Fu Panda, and afterwords we went through our nap time routine, but he could not fall asleep. It’s like ‘lay here and close your eyes’ but he will toss and turn to no end. Poor baby just kept tossing and turning :(

Just to let you know, HE is the one who wanted to sleep on the floor. I don’t know why.. ha! At least Bonnie, the dog didn’t have any problems sleeping! haha

Little Bit is finally napping and the other boys are playing xbox, so that is giving me time to type so I won’t have to tonight. We are all worn out though! As soon as I got here the fun began starting with wii sports and going to baseball, card games, board games, hide and seek, tag etc. Busy day -_-

I know this picture is in the collage, but I’m going to post it again because I love it THAT much! Almost as much as I love the little model! :)

Ryan hates me doing this job; seriously. He doesn’t eat lunch when I’m not at home so just in the two weeks I’ve taken over, he has lost 7 pounds. Plus, he says that unless I am making at least 40 grand a year he doesn’t want me to work because it’s not worth it.

I talked it over with everyone, and I think we are going to let Paul watch them Monday, Wed. and Fri., and I will watch them Tues. and Thurs.

We will both have some extra income and both have days off.


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