Chili’s and Mall+ 2 screaming babies= worn out Emily

27 Jul

I am so worn out and it’s not even 2 yet! Chloie is asleep and the boys are all playing with their new toys, so I am soaking up this time to relax! Early this morning Gavin was talking about wanting to go to Build a Bear and asked if I would take him because he had his money. After getting everyone excited to go, I called my husband to let me know of my whereabouts, but he said no. Even though I didn’t just say okay, I respect his opinion. He knew I had to drive the highways and with 4 kids with none of them being mine, he didn’t have too much confidence in me. Don’t worry, when I started thinking about it, I didn’t have much confidence in myself either. Even though I have never had a ticket or anything, I’m still the typical Asian driver -_- I could not live with myself if anything happened to these kids. I told them  I wasn’t comfortable driving them that far, and it was heartbreaking seeing their reactions. I told them I would still take them somewhere just not too far. They finally decided that they wanted to go to the book store…really? A four, nine and ten year old want to hang out at the bookstore? Ha! I told them I would also take them to a closer mall (no highways!) and they said yes! Good thing, because they all said they had more fun than they would have at build a bear! hehe

We ended up going to the Mall and Barnes and Noble. ohmygoodness. Little Bit bought a ‘Cars the movie’ car set at the Disney Store. Next time, I will remember to say ‘Let’s do all things upstairs, and then we will do all things downstairs’. I think every other store was on opposite sides AND opposite levels. Since we had a stroller, we had to go to the elevator EVERY time. These kids wear me out!


I looked up online for stores they had at the mall before we went to make sure they had some fun stuff. Their favorite was Toy land because of the name; however, it wasn’t as fun as we thought it would be…

We then went to Barnes and Noble and I am not getting paid enough to do what I had to deal with. First, Gavin tells me that he called his mom and she would pay me back whatever I bought them. I followed my gut and called her during work because I didn’t think that was the case. Good thing I did because she wanted a $20 for each! That threw Little Bit into a hissy fit because he wanted to take back his cars and get new logos. Chloie then started crying because I wouldn’t let her grab any book she wanted (all the paperbacks she could easily rip). So yes, I was the abnoxious sitter who had two screaming babies. I’m sorry, but that is not really how I thought it would go. Finally, I told little bit that I was going to get a book, and when I got back he needed to of stopped crying because he already got his toy; That worked.

We then went to Chili’s and I had a handful! Granted, no one threw a fit but still. Is it bad that 5 people’s bill wasn’t even close to how much Ryan and I spend there? Too bad the kids menu doesn’t apply to us. Ha!

Oh, I love these kids to death but I sure do miss my housewife job **Sigh**

I will be happy when Michelle isn’t so busy anymore and can take back over :) At least I have some shopping money, huh?


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