Memory of an old lady?

26 Jul

I realized I hadn’t blogged since last Friday due to my hectic schedule. I wanted to write about what all happened, but then I realized that I can’t remember anything that happened -_-. Normally when I need to look something up, I just refer to my blog; however, when I forgot to write in it, it just reminds me how forgetful I really am!

I’m sure not too much changed watching the kids than all the other days, besides us all being worn out because it was Friday! hehe.

Look what message was left on the board for me :)!

Can I please keep him?

Oh, we played ‘I never’…with water. That was pretty interesting. Towards the end, they were saying, ‘I’ve never worn a dress’ or ‘I’ve never had a job’. Silly little things like that so needless to say, I was the first one out!

Chloie decided to put all kinds of bows in her hair :)

We had my parents over for dinner, and I made some ziti! Yummy? I think so!

Saturday was pretty much a lazy day for us! We slept in…kinda. His work called us at 7am to diagnose something, but since it was so early in the morning we easily fell back asleep. I had to clean the house, because since i have started working I have started slacking. I promised Ryan I wouldn’t, but still. Watching kids all day makes you want to come home and relax. He has me on video now promising I will do a better job! ha!

Paul had some friends over so Ryan and I stayed in the bedroom and had a ‘Bourne marathon’. Goodness those movies are amazing! So, I asked Ryan to pick up some Panda Express. It was late and I really didn’t want to cook, plus he was out anyways. Well, Ryan never knows what he is doing, so I wrote it out plain and simple. For pete’s sake, I worked there a year! I know how to do it…

Anyways…Ryan goes through the drive thru and orders what I want exactly which is a 3 entree plate and an extra chow mein, but I want the chow mein and extra orange chicken in a to go box. Otherwise, I would get 3 separate containers and pour them in a to go bow anyways..Why not save containers? Well, Ryan gets home and I am over charged, so I go back. Normally, I wouldn’t but Ryan gave them my sheet so they could see PLUS the way they did it was over 2x as much as the cost. I get there and calmly explain their mistake and ask to be refunded half of it. Good thing they did because I would have been mad! Even though the manager recognizes me and tells the other workers I know what I am doing, the two people STILL try to tell me I’m wrong AND they started talking back to the manager telling him I wasn’t making sense. Okay, they were new but still.

Panda Express does that though. If you are clueless in the slight bit, they will use that to their advantage. Say you want a drink? They will automatically give you a large. Say you want an extra egg roll? They will charge you $1.50 opposed to $1.25 if you would have said you wanted it to be an extra entree, you know? You have to word it right. I’m sorry, but I am not going to pay $12 for a meal that should only cost us $6, you know?

Sunday we were up and ready for church, but all Paul’s friends were still here and still asleep. Normally, they are all up and out at the crack of dawn, but oh well. My dad was preaching so I would have liked to go, but oh well. There is always next time, right? Plus, so many cars would have had to be moved! ha!

Last night we went to my parents house for breakfast for dinner. It was soooo delicious!

Afterwards, we played some poker. It’s fun when you are playing with pennies and nickles, but I will never play with bills. It would stress me out so much it wouldn’t even be funny —. Do you like my cheat sheet?

Today was fun and my most chill day by far!

I arrived around 8 and we immediately started swimming. Afterwards, Adam, Gavin and myself played a game of Monopoly which I dominated in! I don’t think I should be excited that I beat a 7 and 9 year old, but I am!

Nap time was a success! They were both asleep within 30 minutes and each slept 2 hours! If only Chloie didn’t pass out on my arm and make it numb -_-

The brothers all had a gargling contest and the winner had about 3 seconds. It was so cute!

Their mother came and picked them up at 3 today because Adam had a dentist appointment. Bless Adam’s little heart, because Gavin was scaring me with all the drill and numbing talk for the dentist, and I wasn’t even the patient!!

Chloie and I spent fun time playing with each other, and she barely asked for her mommy! Little Steps <3

Off to go make dinner and have a nice relaxing night with my husband! Gosh, why am I so lucky to have such a wonderful man?! I love you, Ryan! Muah!


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