21 Jul

It’s so amazing how little kids can weasel their way into your heart! They are so cute!

I’m sorry for not being able to post last night, but I was busy all day!After babysitting, I ran home and picked up Ryan, then we were on our way to my parents house for dinner. They made this amazing southwestern pasta and veggie thing. It was so good!

Yesterday with the kids was so much fun and they know how to keep me busy! Yesterday morning we played sardines which is a game where one person hides and when someone finds them they hide with them. We played that for a few hours and though its more fun in the dark, its pretty fun to play with little kids. They choose the hardest spots for people to hide in because ‘they’ can fit! They often forget that it also needs to hide everyone else! They are so cute!

We made it a rule that there would be no outside hiding or in the garage because I didn’t want 5 munchkins running out with the pool in the back and cars out front. After searching about 10 minutes for Chris number 1, we all formed a group and were trying to find him together. We finally checked the garage and there he was. Gavin yelled and pointed and said, ‘There he is!’;This is considered cheating to  Chris number 1 so I spent the next hour talking to him trying to get him to calm down and explain to him how we were just trying to find him. I remember as a kid how I argued with my parents and it drove them insane because I kept changing what the point of the conversation was. I thought I made perfect sense back then, but if it’s anything like the conversation I had with Chris number 1, man alive I feel bad for them!

He stayed in his room and pouted a while. Yesterday was all about him throwing hissy fits to get his way -_- He came down stairs and to get my attention, HE CLAPPED IN MY FACE AND SAID, ‘HEY’! I’m sorry, but that is a no no. Here is our conversation:

Me: Excuse me Christopher, but you do not clap in my face to get my attention. I will be more than happy to answer your questions, but please tap me on the shoulder, or say my name.

Christopher: I don’t remember your name

Me: My name is Emily, hunny. If you can’t remember please come tap me on the shoulder.

Christopher: Okay, anyways

Me: Will you please apologize to me for being rude?

Christopher: Why, I just clapped..?

Me: Yes, but it is rude to get someones attention that way.

Christopher: My grandpa says I can clap

Me: It’s okay to clap, but not to get someones attention

Christopher: *Rolls Eyes*

Me: You can go up to your room and when you feel like apologizing, you can come back down here.

I feel so bad for sending him to his room, but that is unacceptable to be rude. As much as a pain as he can be sometimes, he really can be nice.

He finally came back down and we decided to play ‘Monopoly’. The kids decided that loser picked up all the pieces after the game, which was how I grew up so I was fine with that. Guess who lost and through a fit? Christopher. He said he needed help and everything and pouted the whole time. The others boys offered to help, and I told them, ‘Thank you, but no. He needs to learn that he can’t throw a fit to get his way.’ After a while, he learned that.

After lunch we decided to go swimming and play all different kids of games. We played, ‘Karate’, ‘categories’, ‘Color game’, ‘Dishwasher’, and I introduced them to chicken fight. We had fun! Remember when I told you Chris number 6 wouldn’t get into the pool because he fell in a week or two ago, so now he is scared? Well, every day I try to get him to stick his feet in the water, but he won’t. Yesterday, I finally got him to get in. We played on the tubes and dolphins. While the dolphin is fun to play on, it’s not too sturdy so I rode with him the whole time promising not to let him go. On Tuesday, a wasp stung Chris number 1, so he is afraid of them; therefore, he started wigging out when he saw one. Gavin was trying to kill it, but he needed me to get him the net. I asked Chris number 6 if he was okay for a second while I got the net. I was seriously out for not even 10 seconds when his brother jumped in making waves and causing him to flip. I had to dive in and save him. He was so red and choking. Good thing I didn’t have to perform CPR; Thank you, Jesus!

I told him we would go out today and I would buy him ice creme for making a mistake. Before he had a chance to say no he didn’t want to get in the water, I got back in with him and waded calmly. He was okay with it; I don’t want him to be scared.

After we got out of the pool, I tried to put him and Chloie down for a nap, but neither of them were having it. My ears are still ringing haha. Chloie finally fell asleep, but I had to wake her up around 4:30 so she would sleep that night. Now I know why parents say to never wake up a sleeping baby. Ohmygoodness. SO MUCH CRYING!

So, Chloie knows her animal noises well, except for the last one! hehe. Look at what a cutie she is!

While the kids were watching t.v, I was playing with Chloie, and she just so happened to spill over my water. As a joke, we decided to put the ice in her diaper (don’t worry, it was clean. I just changed it.) We spent a good 30 minutes having fun playing with the ice!

Her parents finally came home though and I was able to leave. On my way home, I was able to talk to my bestie, Stephanie! It’s been too long! I miss her so much, but hopefully I will see her in a few months! Eek! Please keep her in your prayers, because she lost her job as a nanny. Kamran’s parents thought it best to put him in daycare where he could be with other children and work on his social skills. I hope she can find another job soon, because California isn’t cheap!

I picked up Ryan from the house and then we headed to my parent’s for our ‘weekly invite ourselves over for dinner’ night! We had fun! Then I was able to go home and cuddle with my husband :)

Today was more hectic than yesterday and Christopher wasn’t even there to fight with me!

This morning we played Sardines again, followed by a crazy addicting settlers game! Around 10, we went swimming and then little bit (Chris number six’s new name he wants) started whining about not wanting to take a nap. He was so sleepy, so he was just grumpy :(

Then we ate lunch, took a nap and afterwards went to Dairy Queen for ice creme. It sounds like an easy day, but I am so worn out now i’s not even funny!

All in all, we had a fun day!


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