Pity my parents

20 Jul

I feel so bad for my parents. How do mother’s raise multiple children all at one time and them all be in diapers? Watching 5 kids with only one in diapers is a handful! Any man who says being a mother is not a full-time job needs to do the woman’s job and then say that!

Adam spent the night at a friend’s house last night, so it was just Chloie, myself and the three boys :)

Last night, Ryan and I stayed up talking and right as I was about to fall asleep, he wanted a midnight snack. I haven’t gone shopping in a while, so instead of his normal ice creme or cookies and milk snack, I made strawberry cheesecake muffins which were actually pretty tasty!

Can you tell I was tired at all? ha!

So, this morning when I woke up I was pretty grumpy! When I lived with my parents the unspoken rule was, ‘Don’t Speak to Emily, or she will bark your head off”. I’ve never been the morning person; however, since being married, I actually do quite well now. Driving to Michelle’s, I noticed I forgot my coffee -_-. Really? Could my day have any more of a slow start? haha. The answer? Yes. I got stuck by a really long train which after it went by, there was ice everywhere? I don’t know what that was all about, but it was pretty neat!

Why do kids have so much energy in the morning? Don’t they realize they will miss having so much energy when they are older? ha! Michelle made some sausage and cinnamon rolls so I fed that to Chloie who demolished it all!

We hung out and played, ‘drop the marbles’ once again. Those things hurt if you step on them! Both Chloie’s and Chris number six’s (we have Chris number two, and Chris number six since neither could decide who would be Chris or Christopher…) car seats were brought inside, so they had fun playing with those! I thought kids hated those things; Evidetly, I thought wrong! ha!

We packed up and went to the bowling alley around 10:30. Talk about a handful? Ohmygoodness. Summer special was 2 hours of bowling, shoe rental, pizza and a drink for $10. Nice!

I learned a few things while going out:

1) You will be chasing the kids 24/7

2) Know the kids shoe sizes before you get bowling shoes, or you will trade everybody’s pair at least once or twice

3) Someone needs to go to the bathroom every five minutes, and they will not only tell you but announce it to the world.

4) Kids will make a conversation with Everyone, even if they are old and in a big group of people.

5) Have the front desk on speed dial! ha! We called them so many times because a ball stopped mid way!

We had fun though!

Chloie had on the smallest pair, but they were still 2 sizes too big! You should have seen how she walked! Too cute!

The baby and I! Don’t let a 4 year old take a picture of you though, because he won’t know how to center the camera! Well, on that note…just don’t let a 4 year old take pictures, or you will get this:

She loves her pizza and juice! :)

After our longggg two hour session was over, we packed up and headed back home. I knew the munchkins were worn out, so I put them down for a nap. I love this time of the day, because I get to lay down with them :)! Chloie can’t sleep unless I am right there, and Chris number six wanted to sleep with us as well, instead of upstairs alone.

Before Chloie actually fell asleep, she hated me for putting her down. I feel so bad for letting this little girl cry, but if she cries, five minutes later she is dead asleep!

I told the other two boys to rest and watch some sponge bob before we went out to play and while these two munchkins were sleeping. They know to come get me and I will come at the drop of a hat in case of emergency. Remember, the other two are old are like 11 years old. Old enough to be by themselves for a while, yet, young enough to need a sitter, you know? So I finally have both of them asleep and I hear a knock at the door, so I jump up ready to perform cpr or something. It was Chris number two wondering what we were doing -_- By me getting out of bed it woke up Chloie, but Chris number six slept through it all! Is he not adorable?!

He finally woke up and we decided to all go swimming. We were having so much fun though that we lost track of time, so when their father came we were still swimming. I had to rush them out and get their stuff together. We still had alot of fun though!

Then, Chris number two got stung by a wasp. Poor baby. He said he couldn’t walk or anything, so we put ice on it and watched it the whole time. It’s all better now!

I am now home, worn out, and ready for bed! I can’t wait to see them tomorrow. Funny how these little kids can worm their way into your heart so fast!


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