5 kids+ me? Oh my.

19 Jul

This weekend was wonderful! Ryan worked all day Saturday, so that stunk. It’s times like that were I wish he wasn’t on salary. Sunday though, we stayed in and had a relaxing day! We have been living off of t.v church lately. With Ryan starting to work on Sundays, we just can’t find the time. I can’t wait for winter to come so he won’t have to work as much!

I received our adoption and Foster Parent information packet in the mail! I am so excited Seriously! I really want to go to a Foster Parent information meeting; however, I think I would get too depressed seeing how I am not the minimum age yet. Come on 21!!

@Stephanie, don’t me too jealous, but guess what I had?? WHATABURGER! It’s the first time I’ve been back since you and I went when you were here last! It was sooo yummy! So,  I went there myself while Ryan was relaxing, and I here is our conversation:

Emily: What do you want from Whataburger?

Ryan: I don’t know, what do they have?

Emily: uhhhh whataburgers?….oh, and that thing that the last 5 minutes are the hardest and the round thing is your kisser thing?

Ryan:I want the kisser thing

oh, how I love our conversations!

Today was my first day watching the little munchkins! I thought it was just going to be Chloie and 3 other boys, but I was surprised with another. We had fun though swimming and stuff :)

I’m watching Chloie, three brothers: Gavin, Adam and Christopher, and Michelle’s nephew, Christopher. Now, did you notice how there are two ‘Christopher’s? Yes, we had many long and drawn out conversations on who would be Chris and who would be Christopher. It changed many times and by the end of the day, my ears were ringing! ha!

They are old enough to pretty much watch themselves which is really nice! I was able to take a small nap with Chloie when I had to put her down.

It’s nice! I love kids!! eek!

We played, ‘Throw the Marbles from the Stairs so you would fall and hurt something’.

That game was quite interesting!

This is definitely my favorite picture from today!

Their daily dose of Spongebob :)

These two are so stinking cute! I don’t think they wanted their picture taken though… lol

I can’t tell you how many times I had to crawl through this little door to put away toys. I feel so bad for my parents when we were younger. I always got stuck at the highest possible point at a McDonald’s playground, and then my dad would have to come get me.

During nap time I have to lay down with her until she falls asleep. She was upright and somehow turned like this! ha!

Last, but certainly not least is Chloie being a dork. Cute much?


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