Worn out

16 Jul

I just did so much more cardio than I normally do. This is horrible how I can’t lose weight. I need a workout buddy! Ha!

I tried eating super healthy meals, but that just made Ryan lose weight as well, and for those who have seen him, you can tell he can’t afford to be any skinnier! Then, I tried eating smaller portions, but that didn’t do ANYTHING. Granted, I stink at waiting for things to pay off when it comes to my weight; I want to see results right away. Normally, I give up after a about a month. Wait, who am I kidding? After a week. lol

Before I do the HCG diet, I am trying to lose it the old-fashioned way once again. I know have a little work out corner that looks like white trash, but oh well. You gotta do what you gotta do.  I have pictures of beautiful women that I hope will inspire me, AND outfits that I don’t necessarily want to be able to wear, but I know I could fit into them since I have been married.

Here is to waking up at 6am with Ryan every morning and exercising and eating a healthy breakfast! (That will start Monday though)

For now, I am dying -_-


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