Chloie, Chloie, and more Chloie

16 Jul

The past few days I have been watching this ‘darlin, so all my stories have to do mainly about her : )

I’m also going to be watching her next week, and maybe 3 other boys. At least I stay awake longer rather than sleeping in all the time! ha!

Chloie’s mommy nannies the three boys but she is helping clean up a house right now, so I may take her job for a while.

Okay, let me tell you about this job Michelle (Chloie’s mom) is doing. She is going through things to help out a couple who are living in a home built in 1832. The wife is in her 60’s and her husband in his 90’s, but this home has been passed down from person to person. Everyone moves into the house when it’s their turn, but no one moves out so the house has piled up stuff over the years, and it’s all original! The lady has a grandfather clock over 100 years old and only 4 were made. Get this, she was about to throw away over 30 bags of ORIGINAL vintage clothing because, ‘nobody wanted them’. Michelle stopped her thankfully, and is now going through bags. She’s already found so many hats that are in mint condition. How can this lady say no one would want it? ha! I guess when you have alot of money then, that’s what you can do.  The family makes big money because everyone is in politics, so they don’t really care what they keep or give throw away. Then, they have original cars from the 1800’s!  Michelle said this couple is easily worth millions of dollars. Sorry, that’s just plain crazy to me.

Anyways….today Chloie and I had fun. Paul and Josh spent the night, so when I brought Chloie over we instantly watched a movie so she wound’t cry and wake everyone up. She is going through an ‘animal’ stage so we watched Madagascar! She is so stinkin’ cute! She knows her animal sounds, so when asked what  noise a monkey makes, instead she will scratch her arm pit and make the ‘Ooh’ sound! She is a cutie patootie! Well, most of the time. She didn’t do her ‘momma’ thing too many times today, where she asks for her momma and then cry’s for 5 minutes straight. I think I finally got it through her that she can’t just cry for my attention. She does this thing:

I mean, I spend all my time with her, but if I run and throw a load of laundry in the washer or something, she will just start crying her heart out. Like I said though, she was much better today! Plus, Paul and Josh showed her some attention, too!

Everyday, we watch maybe one or two episodes of ‘Sponge’ (Sponge Bob). As SOON as the credits start, she will hand me the remote and xbox control and say ‘More, More’. Yes, she is a fast learner lol

Good news is, she took an hour and a half nap today! Woohoo!!

Tonight, Ryan took me out to Ihop (I had a buy 1- get 1) so we could spend some time together. Lately, between him working 12+ hours a day, plus everyone spending the night, plus everything else, we just haven’t been spending too much ‘alone’ time together. We had fun though.

Now, I’m about to head to bed because this monster wore me out! haha.




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