Miss Chloie

14 Jul

I love this little monster to death, but I realize why they call it the Terrible Two’s!

Oh my- this little one is a handful! She is precious though!

She is such a momma’s girl, so we will be having fun and all the sudden she will start bawling her eyes out for 5 minutes and then she’ll start laughing again. It’s the cutest little thing- sometimes. She did this every 15 minutes though, and NOTHING I did stopped her.

We have been playing so many games the past two days that I am so worn out! How do they have so much energy? She is finally taking a nap now! haha

Yesterday we colored and played with building blocks. I picked her up at 8, and we dropped her off around 7:30. Then we went to my parents and had dinner. There was a fire and they had their road blocked off so we weren’t sure if we could get in or not, but we did with no problem. Mom made some yummy potato soup, and dad made homemade peach cobbler for dinner! The peaches were seriously so good it wasn’t even funny! They bought them at the Peach Festival, and the guy said he uses 5,000 gallons of water a DAY in order to water all of them. How insane is that? Granted, he has his own well so the water is free, but the electricity to pump the water up… MAN ALIVE!

Today, I have been so busy! The baby and I went shopping for groceries this morning, I’ve cleaned out the pantry and refrigerator, cleaned the house  then we washed my car and played outside. Warning: Never give a 2 year old a water hose and expect them not to point it at themselves and get water EVERYWHERE! :( Chloe has been such a big help though- Well, as much as a help she can be! haha

She is so much calmer today than yesterday. She has finally learned my name! haha.

I made up a song that she stops crying though. Yes, it’s kind of dumb, but I had to make it up on the spot and I’m not a good songwriter! ha

‘Today is such a beautiful day/We’re having fun doing it our way/

We’re blowing bubbles and coloring too/ We’re gonna have fun just me and you’

She just woke up, so I will write later!


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