Buffalo Wild Wings

13 Jul

Yesterday’s post made no sense- sorry. Normally I skim over it it after I write to make sure that I didn’t change subjects without making y’all aware which I sometimes do when I talk. I re- read it this morning and I told y’all the most random details. I was so spaced out though! I was facebook chatting with my dear friend, Sabrina, and writing on here at the same time when my husband comes in and tells me to get ready fast. I questioned him at first, but he told me to stop was I was doing and go get ready.

When we were about to leave, he told me he was going to take me to Rosa’s for Taco Tuesday just for being a good wifey and he wanted to beat the rush. I’m fine with Rosa’s, but I told him Buffalo Wild Wings has the $.40 wings special. It wasn’t even a contest; Buffalo Wild Wings won hands down.

We had so much fun!

Ryan’s comment of the night:

One happy miller light as opposed to a sad miller light?

Okay, so maybe you had to be there but I cracked up laughing :)

Wow- All 3 of these are horrible pictures but at least we documented our night! haha

We had so much fun! I love my husband to pieces! When we got home, we cuddled and turned in early (8:30) because we have been staying up around 3 lately. It was nice to get into a clean pair of sheets and just talk about our days! **Sigh**

So, we may go to Vegas for my 21st birthday! It’s just talk right now, but it will come down to if Ryan can get off work or not! I’m super stoked, but we are so nervous! We would basically be going just to go, because I hate drinking and gambling! So not the life for me! I’ll keep you updated on those plans!

I’m thinking I want to start the HCG diet. I will need to do more research on it, but everyone I know has dropped so much weight so I may end up doing it :)


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