Hurt Finger

12 Jul

I scraped my finger against our cabinets and now it’s bleeding :( Y’all are probably thinking I should buck up like my husband is telling me, but I won’t apologize for being a sissy to pain!


I’m better now :) Thank goodness!

It’s never been hard for me to stress out and have an anxiety attack. Seriously, I stress out over the mildest thing if something goes wrong! I am trying to be the girl who just goes with the flow because what happens happens, but it’s not happening over night. I live by lists and making plans, which stinks because my husband is the opposite! I have already started shopping for Christmas presents and have already stressed out about it if that helps show you how organized I like to be! ha!

So anyways, I tried to calm myself down and learn how stocks and retirement funds work…yeah, that didn’t work so well. We are going to stick with the original plan to have me out of the loop and have Ryan do everything! haha

Well, Ryan just told me to go get ready because he has a surprise for me, so I guess I will update you tomm. and tell you what it was!!


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