Wonderful Weekend

11 Jul

This weekend was amazing! **Sigh** I love my life :)

You can read about Friday here.

We had so much housework planned for Saturday; however, somehow going outside instantly turned our day to mush. Have you been outside?? The heat is insane!! Instead, we ended up taking a really long nap, watching movies, snuggling and having a bubbles war. Yes, you heard the last part right! We like to be immature and have fun! haha

When the heat finally died down, we decided to go to Academy to get Ryan some new work boots.

You know when you’re in line and they put that stuff at the front to make you buy it? Well, I fell into that trap and bought some banana chips. For some reason, I remember loving them; I thought wrong. Blech!

Afterwards, we decided to pick up some Panda Express and have a picnic in the park! We drive to this nice little park, but apparently, about 1,000 other people thought it was nice too. Since Ryan is always driving around town with his job, we decided to try another park out that he remembered being nice! I should know by now that his memory isn’t all too great…

We had fun though!!!


Sunday my brothers came over after church, and we played video games and hung out :)

My parents made a surprise visit, but it was welcomed! Especially when they bring us pizza hutt!

I introduced them to skype, so they could chat with my grandparents, and that was nice being able to see them!

Then, I finished the night by making us some yummy cupcakes!!

So in Ryan’s fish tank room, he sits in a lawn chair and puts his computer on a step stool:

I mentioned that if he really wanted to stay in that room then I would buy him a comfier chair and laptop desk. Nothing expensive, but usable. Maybe a desk from a garage sale we could refurbish or something. I never thought he wanted to stay in that room because it’s where he keeps all of his fish tank stuff so it smells fishy.

Well, he always told me that what he had would make do and he never wanted anything else. Okay, fine with me. It’s his room. (We will get back to this)

Ryan is starting to secure our future other than his 401k with Roth IRA accounts (or IRA- we haven’t got to the nitty-gritty) and he wants to start getting into stocks. Have you ever seen the King of Queens episode where Doug and Carey get into the stock market? It’s insane! Doug becomes CRAZY watching his stocks, and I think that would be me. That’s why I told Ryan I don’t want to know ANYTHING haha.

So he wants to start getting into penny stocks, and then once he learns everything he will start doing it bigger.

Getting back to what I said I would, now he wants a huge oak desk with a massaging chair. He says he cant do stocks without looking professional! haha. Of course he said so in a laughing matter, but he’s probably serious about wanting something nice. Now, it’s my job to show him how we can give him something nice yet, be frugal on money! haha

Let the games begin, right??

So this weekend in movie reviews:

My brothers have me hooked on, ‘Merlin’. It’s a tv show about Merlin as a kid, and it’s actually pretty good if your into the ‘knight’ times.

Then, for our movie nights, Ryan and I watched, ‘The Silencer’.

 After his colleague McGraw is killed while investigating a right-wing terrorist group, young FBI agent Jason Wells (Brennan Elliot) reluctantly takes McGraw’s place by faking his own death and infiltrating the organization to bring it down. Before long, Wells is teamed with assassin Quinn Simmons (martial arts star Michael Dudikoff) in a plot to kill a liberal senator (Michael St. John Smith) with presidential aspirations in this action thriller.

That was pretty good! It kept us on the edge of our seats!

After we finished that at 11:30, Ryan wanted me to look and see if ‘Saving Private Ryan’ was on Netflix. It wasn’t but it showed us similar movies. The first one was a movie called, ‘The Thin Red Line’. Ryan made us watch it that night…It was a good movie, kind of slow in the beginning but it picked up.

 Director Terrence Malick’s lyrical and beautiful retelling of James Jones’ novel about the 1942 battle for Guadalcanal was nominated for seven Oscars. With narration by Pvt. Witt (Jim Cavaziel), the men of C-Company become a tight-knit group as they each individually face the horrors of war to hold onto a key-positioned airfield.

It has an AMAZING cast with Jim Cavaziel, George Clooney, Nick Nolte, Sean Penn, John Cusak, John Travolta, Adrian Brody and the list just keeps on going!

It is a long movie! We turned it off after 2.5 hours because we were just too tired! We still haven’t finished the rest -_-

Anyways, that is this weekends wrap up! Have a safe week everyone!!



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