8 Jul

Ryan and I went to sleep last night around midnight and although we slept soundly, I am still so sleepy! Help!

Paul and his friends came over last night, and we all chilled out and had some fun :) I procrastinated cleaning all day, and after I swept, mopped and dusted only 45 minutes went by. Yay for keeping a clean house, right? Actually as happy as I am that I didn’t have much to do, I’ also pretty worried I will start procrastinating more since it didn’t put me in a bind…Normally, I set aside 5 or 6 hours dedicated to cleaning and will finish early and watch a movie or something. Since it didn’t get me in trouble this time, I’m scared I’ll start doing it more ;/ ugh.

Josh said since we were letting them come over, they would order us pizza and he would be here around 7. Being summer, Ryan works late all the time, so 7 isn’t late at all to be eating dinner; I actually didn’t even know if he would be off by then or not. It gets to be 8:30 and we’re kinda hungry…9:30- okay, let’s just go get something…9:31 Josh walks in with no pizza in hand so him and paul leave to go get it…9:45- My phone rings ‘Hey, they don’t take checks. Can we use your credit card and pay you back?’…9:59- They walk in with the pizza…finally!!! haha

So we ate and played on the xbox for a while. Finally at midnight, we just couldn’t keep our eyes open anymore! haha

On a good note, we finally got our wedding photos!!

Do you think we have enough pictures??

We got a canvas that I put up. Do y’all like it? Of course we are still going to get new

lights and get rid of the ones we have. I’m still trying

to decide if I like it or not…

Has anyone seen the new yahoo layout? I thought when they were talking about the upgrade that you would have to pay for it ( I looked into it before and you did) so I spent an hour total trying to figure out how to cancel it. Finally, I pressed okay and it took me to the new layout. I feel so dumb! haha

Last night, a father died in front of his son after falling from the stands while trying to catch a baseball that was thrown at him. My heart goes out to him, his family and friends, and the other fans who watched this tragic event take place. Read more about it here.

The Casey Anthony case has blown up because of all this media coverage. Normally, this is the type of stuff I would keep updated with, but lately I just haven’t watched too much of the news. I really don’t know too much about it other than her daughter was killed and evidence points to her. Everyone is saying how she is guilty and stuff, but the fact of the matter is, her daughter is still dead. It’s sad how our media takes something with such a horrible ending and blows it up so they can make money off of her.

The only thing I found quite interesting were the pictures that were on facebook…


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