6 Jul

Congratulations to my besty who FINALLY graduated high school! haha

Yes, she is a young’n, but I love her!

We hung out yesterday and had so much fun! We watched some movies: The Killers and Boot Camp. Both which I recommend :)

Then we killed a baby bird :(

It was on my driveway, and the poor thing was miserable! When we found it ants were demolishing it so we put it on a paper plate, got off all the ants with a paintbrush (yes, you heard that right) and then we tried to save it! Birds drink water, right? She tried to give it some and almost drowned it and she wouldn’t dig for a worm to feed it! haha. Finally, Ryan got home and we were going to suffocate it. We had a RIP baggie and everything, but Ryan convinced us shooting it would be a better option :(


Mr. Birdie

July 5, 2011


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