4th of July Week(end)

6 Jul

I’m sorry I have not updated my blog in a few days because we have been busy, busy, busy!! Bear with me, because I am sure this will be a long post.

Friday evening, Ryan and I finally finished our House marathon! We are officially all caught up and now we can’t wait until the new season starts! Why must t.v shows always leave you hanging with a  jaw dropping cliffhanger?? Ugh.

Ryan’s comment of the night:

I could become a doctor because I’ve seen so much House. I know all the procedures! Well, I may kill someone my first time, but hey- you learn with experience, right??

Who wants to let Ryan operate on you??

On Saturday, Ryan worked all day in the blistering heat; It’s killing him. It’s so hot outside that I don’t even want to go out and get the mail ;/

We had dinner at my parents house and played us some ping pong (which I am getting alot better at!) and I helped clean up the house for the 4th. I wasn’t anticipating going anywhere in public, so I just threw something on and go figure- it’s the one time we go out. Paul has poison ivy, so mom had to make a trip to wal mart and I accompanied her. It wouldn’t of even been that bad if while at the store, we got the appropriate size cart, but we didn’t -_-. We thought we were only getting one or two things so we took one of the ‘make-up’ baskets. Yeah, we should have known better. We had our hands piled with stuff the time we got in line. Yes, we did look like complete dorks! haha!

Paul spent Sunday with us. We were all going to goto church, but Paul didn’t want to be seen with the poison ivy, so we watched ‘church tv’. I feel so bad for Paul; Being highly allergic to it, he was red and blotchy and his eyes and ears were swelling shut :( At least it’s starting to go away now!

I made some yummy potato soup for the boys. I poured everyone a bowl while Paul and Ryan played guitar a while longer and I neatly set everything on tv trays in the living room so they could watch something. Paul went in the kitchen and before I could stop him he poured himself a cup of potato soup. When I mentioned I already given him a bowl he said, ‘Ooh, sorry’ **looks at bowl**’I need a bowl, woman, not a saucer!!!!** I could not stop laughing! I ate one bowl and still all the soup was gone in the end. I used the same recipe mom uses for the family and Ryan and I.. so 6 people. I guess it was some good soup!! haha

Ryan has cut his hip.  I was trying to find an outfit for Sunday to wear and I noticed the shirt needed a button sewn on it, so I used his razor knife to cut off a spare button. Afterwards, I thought I put everything away- I thought wrong. I was in the tv room watching a show while doing my nails and Ryan comes to me and says, ‘You aren’t very smart, are you? lol’

Then he showed me his cut with blood coming through the band aide on his hip…He jumped in bed and had a little surprise…The whole entire blade went into his hip, and he is a small bony guy. He says you can see the tendon and everything. He won’t show me though because he said I would have nightmares, and I trust him. I probably would. Good thing it wasn’t his arm though!! If it were, he probably could have bled to death. Thank goodness for miracles, huh? He has a disease in his arm which makes blood circulate in his arm over and over again. I don’t know too much on what exactly happened and I can’t really describe it, but from a prick the size of a needle  his veins broke open  and he bled like none other! Here is a picture, and remember, this is after him lying down for 15 minutes (I thought he was taking a nap on the bed), draped over the sink for about 10 while I made sure he was okay, and then after a 20 minute shower. He was so weak :(

Nasty, huh? Bad thing is, I didn’t even wear the shirt I was going to wear that caused me to leave the knife in the bed!

I had to email Stephanie my outfit of what I was going to wear to get another girls opinion. Getting one from 2 boys stinks! I asked both Paul and Ryan if I looked okay and both said ‘yeah’ without even looking :(

I had to dress up a little because we were spending the first half of the day with Ryan’s parents. EVERY TIME we go over, everyone is dressed up and the one day I dress up a little, everyone else dresses down. Normally, I always wear sophie shorts and a shirt or jeans and a nice top and everyone else is dressed more nicely. Oh well, at least I tried, right??

We spent the first part of the day at Rick and Diane’s playing pool and hanging out :)

After we ate our yummy burgers, we decided that we needed a nap. I laid on the smaller couch one which we fit perfectly on (have you seen how tall we are?? haha) but Ryan laid on the bigger one. Then, we spent like 10 minutes trying to get the other one to move since we were both comfy.

Isn’t he cute??  Apparently that is what the dog thought, too! As soon as I got up from my comfy position, she comes up and lays next to Ryan!! haha

We finally got her to go to the end and we all took naps! haha

Afterwards, we went to my parents house and had some shishkabobs and stuff with Phil and his family and Mary and hers. It was a lot of fun! We couldn’t do big fireworks because of the stupid law ;( If you do any damage, you pay out of pocket. The people beside us are good watering their lawn so it wouldn’t be TOO horrible, but the guy behind us doesn’t water at all so we were too scared :( We did have fun playing baseball with firecrackers though! haha.

We ended up going to the Stadium for the fireworks show which was amazing! I may have a crick in my neck, but it was worth it! haha

Good turn out!!

This is the little cutie patootie I was playing peek a boo with!!!

The fireworks show was really good! Alot better than I anticipated :)

Overall, we had a fun weekend!!

Okay, this is my words with friends rant.

I have about 20-30 games going on words with friends all the time and I very rarely lose except with Ryan. I don’t mean just by a few points…he kills me -_- ha!

Please, look at what letters I have. Really??  ugh.

At least I had my big word! lol

Our games are defiantly interesting :)


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