Missing her most <3

2 Jul

Every 4th of July is when I miss my best friend the most! No, she’s not dead…just halfway across the world! Of course, I think of her often whenever I have movie days, or midnight runs to Wal-Mart, but 4th of July is just a prominent date that I can remember so many good memories happening on.

We’ve been best friends since before high school and when she moved my senior year, it was so depressing :( Thank goodness we have kept up with our bestie status!!

4th of July’s normally consisted of her coming to my house, and us hanging out and having good memories together :)

Our first 4th together, was one of my most memorable! We stayed inside in my room talking on the phone to this guy I was crushing on the whole time. I kept chickening out, and she would dial and put the phone to my ear, then I would hang up and the whole thing would repeat. You know? Immature little teenagers ha!

You know when you’re in school and you lean back in your chairs and your teachers have to tell you to not to or you’ll fall? Well, I should have listened. Fireworks went off and scared me. Not only did I fall backwards, but I fell through the window. I was okay, but the window needed replacing -_-!

Another year, we decided we wanted to do each others makeup. Worst. Decision.Ever.



Who wants first dibs on letting us do your makeup??? HAHA!

Yes, we have had good memories together!!

The night we wanted to go for a midnight walk. Sexy, I know!

The first time we got our nails done together which is now a ‘Bestie tradition’!!

How we spend our midnight trips to Wal-Mart!

Camping together!!

Shaving Creme fight anyone??

At church :)

Needless to say, steph and I have some great memories together! I love and miss you, ‘darlin! MUAH!


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