Callused hands -_-

1 Jul

I am trying to teach myself how to play guitar, and it’s not easy. Kudo’s to all you who have accomplished this great task! haha.

Well, today is a new day and I feel so much better! I think what made me sick was a small anxiety attack and dehydration. I’ve always suffered from both, and I hate it. Whenever I get stressed out, even if it’s the most simple thing, I get an attack. In this case, I stressed out over money. You know where you have to spend money to save money? Yes, I hate that. You are supposed to have saved 6 months worth of pay in your account in case an emergency happens. Anytime our account goes lower than that, I freak out. I know I shouldn’t, but I do. Welcome to the real world though, right??

So I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that my husband and I are the biggest dorks and homebody’s in the world! haha.

1) Friday nights usually consist of a homemade steak dinners, giving Ryan a full body massage and having a House marathon. Very rarely do we mess up this routine.

2) Ryan will say something and for some reason I will sing and repeat what he says…5 minutes later we have both made up a song! ha!

3) We goto bed 2 or 3 hours before we goto sleep so we can talk about our days and have H.A.W.T (Husband and Wifey Time) Normally, we talk in bed or we try to beat eachother in words with friends. I have yet to win a game :(

There are 3 random facts about us! haha.

Okay, so I updated Ryan’s ipod and accidentally deleted all of his music -_- Does anyone know how to fix this, or am I in trouble??

Anways, besides that…Here is my day in pictures with commentary:

This actually happened last night, but I asked Ryan to make me some chicken noodle soup because I just didn’t feel well enough to get up an make it. I go in the kitchen about 20 minutes later and not only did he forget it was on the stove, but look how big of a pan he used!! I guess I will stick to the cooking..haha

I learned that I should start getting my mail everyday, and not keep it in the mailbox for a few days at a time OR…

…you may not get the water bills disconnect notice in the mail…Thank goodness we did, but still..Guess I forgot to pay it :/

Oh, so I got my adoption info packet in the mail, and how cute is this little baby?!?!?!



Too bad you have to be 25 to adopt!! Okay, so to adopt from Korea you have to be 25 but in other countries like Ethiopia, you have to be 30. Now, I’m fine if it only took a year or so to get the baby, but sometimes it takes you a few years before there are any potential babies available.. Who wants to be a first time mommy at 35? Well, I guess mothers wanting to adopt another child could but still…

Good thing CPS lets you adopt at 21, but I would rather have an infant…good thing I have a while to decide since I don’t match up on any companies minimum age list -_-


So remember how I told you I was a dork?? Well, here is a stupid picture I took earlier today just because….My brother bought a machete last night, and who wouldn’t pick it up just to take a picture with it?? haha

Want to know a funny story?? See that sun mirror in the background? Well, it’s hung wayy too high; neither Ryan nor i can see in it. When I confronted him about it, guess what he said??

‘We can’t have people thinking there are small people living in the house! Have you seen a small persons house? It would look weird!!’ ‘Oh, so just make it seem that giants live here??’ ‘Yes’ Oh, how I love my husband!! lol



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