Late for work

28 Jun

My brother, Paul spent the night last night because he is going to work with Ryan tomm for some extra cash.

I had the beautiful idea of waking up early, making them a yummy breakfast and talking over coffee. That idea suddenly went sour when Ryan got a call this morning around 8:30 with his dad wondering where he was. Yes, it’s all my fault for the alarm not going off, and I’m sorry -_- ha!

So, Paul and Ryan went on their way without food in their tummies :( Now Paul who is 6’3” has to work in an attic today that is about 2 foot tall. Is that not horrible? The whole day he is lying on 2x4s working in a 140 degree attic. I feel bad for him, but I feel even worse for my husband who does it everyday to support us. I am so grateful that he let’s me be a stay-at-home wifey while he goes out and busts his hiney! Thank you, sweetie!

So, I was going through finances today. Since we will have more money in our pockets (since we got rid of the car), I wanted to see how long it would take until we had a good chunk of change in our account. Well, I added it up so many times. Our account went higher, and then suddenly is just kept drastically dropping. Turns out, that’s what will happen when you keep paying your bills, but forget to add his checks -_-! I was stressing out for a few minutes there! haha.

I’m glad we have the extra cash, but I miss not having the car already :(

Look how cute my little monkey is!Evidently, she loves our fish tank because she always wanted to be beside it! haha Danielle and Adysen came over yesterday so we could start our party planning! It’s going to be elmo themed!! How cute is that?!?!

So, I made chicken nuggets for dinner. Yes, it’s a easy kids meal, but I was too lazy to cook an actual healthy one! haha

When Ryan and I are really hungry, we may have 5 chicken nuggets or so. Well, Paul ‘only wanted 15 because he wasn’t too hungy’ haha. Normally, they eat a ton! I remember once my mom told me to make them nuggets for dinner while they had a date night and told me to ask them how many they wanted, but don’t let them have more than 4o a piece. Really? lol








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