Cleaning spree

27 Jun

Nothing too exciting has happened lately…

Friday night, Ryan and I stayed in and had a date night! We ordered in some Chinese, watched some tv, and drank some brewskies :) Over all, it was an eventful night.

While he was doing his nightly maintenance on his tank, I did the bad mistake on looking at the CPS website. It’s no news that it’s always been on my heart to help children, whether I adopt or become a foster parent, so it’s bookmarked on my computer.

Look at this little boy, Deyshawn. If I were old enough, I would adopt him in a hearbeat. (Read more about him here.) Is he not so cute?? I just want to squeeze him!!

Needless to say, after I looked through all the pictures, I had a melt down.

It’s not fair for these beautiful babies not to have a home because their parents are either physically or emotionally abandoning them.

Ryan had to comfort me last night, because I was a mess; seriously.

Saturday, we woke up to a wonderful morning though, well kinda. Since its not Ryan’s weekend to be on call, we were expecting him not to deal with work; we thought wrong. The phone started going off at 9 (opposed to the 4am when he is on call), so he had to deal with that, and around the same time, we here a knock at the door. This guy comes up and says that Ryan was there the day before and must have messed up because it wasn’t getting colder in his house, so all the freon must have slipped out. Word to the wise: Before finding the address of your a/c worker, driving there in the morning, and getting upset about it- turn on your unit. It was an interesting morning to say the least.

Around 6, we had the Swayze family and Randy over for dinner. Adysen is learning how to walk and its so incredibly cute! We had a yummy Italian meal, and afterwords, the boys played pool and the girls watched, ‘Bridesmaid’s Revenge’ with Raven in it. It was pretty cute :)

Overall it was a fun nigtht!

Today, all of our chores were done, so we were able to max and relax! We werent able to go to church though, because I forgot my dad turned off Ryan’s  Sunday alarm while we were on vacay. I did do my devotional, so we are good :)

It was my favorite kind of day! We ate hamburgers at my parents at 5, and then I saw my brothers room.

It’s never been clean unless mom did it haha,  but she had it on his ‘priority list’ to do before the 4th. I offered to help, so we kicked butt cleaning! Im going to go over tomm at 8 to finish, but I am on a cleaning spree- I CAN’T STOP!

I’ve never been a clean freak, but since I have my own house now, I have learned its much easier to clean as you go! So you will rarely ever find our house cluttered.

Ill take pictures and show you in tomm’s post!

Ryan and I made a deal; I accomplish my goal weight, and he will quit smoking- completely. He knows how much I can’t stand him smoking, and even though he wont tell me, I have a feeling that  he doesn’t like how I have put on extra pounds SOOO yes, we are both motivated to do our share of the deal. It’s hard not to gain weight though when you are a housewife and always cooking homeade meals for your husband…gahh…

My goal weight/look

My weight now

Sorry, it’s so blurry :(

Wish us luck!!

Oh, btw, I found out,’ That 70’s show’ is on netflix. Pretty excited :)


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